10 Best Carnage Action Figures of All Time

10 Best Carnage Action Figure of All Time

Carnage is one of the most iconic villains out of the Spiderman universe, which is saying a lot since most fans consider Spiderman to have the best villains. As such Carnage is in almost every collector’s collection of action figures. If Carnage is the villain you are looking to start your collection with (great choice by the way) you may wonder which one to pick or which one is the best on the market.

This article offers a comprehensive list of the 10 best Carnage action figures available on Amazon, so if you are looking for a potential candidate for your collection keep reading, since the article offers a brief description of all 10 Carnage action figures and their specific features.

1. Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spawn of Symbiotes

This is one Carnage action figure that any fan or collector should have in their collection. It is extremely detailed and realistically displays the way Carnage looked during his first appearance in the comic books. 

The most noticeable bonus of this action figure is the fact that great positioning options that make it perfect for anyone looking for a figure which would spice up their display. Carnage’s back tendril attachment, as well as the ones carved into his limbs and legs, are incredibly cool and offer a lot of character to the action figure. This makes it unique and sure to capture the attention of anyone 

Although the figures’ sculpt and paint are flawless, the toy line has been hampered by quality control concerns. I’ve bought many of this toy in the hopes of finding one with tight joints, but I’ve yet to discover one. Due to the way the toy is positioned in the container, his right elbow is constantly deformed. This figurine is not one I would suggest.

The out-of-this-world head sculpt they made is what actually sets this figure apart from the rest. The facial sculpt and paint are extremely detailed, even down to the tongue within his mouth and the teeth on his face. The photographs do not do him credit in the slightest.

2. Marvel Legends Series

This figure was first introduced in the ultimate green goblin wave, and it’s a significant upgrade. You’ll be painting the town red with this one thanks to the attachments like the Cletus’ head sculpt and ax hand, as well as the larger claw hand. The Cletus’ head sculpt is fantastic, and the ax hand is a classic element of the character, so that was a wonderful touch since Cletus gets one of his most renowned “weapons” from the comics with the scythe right hand.

The new detachable Cletus Kassidy head is undoubtedly the most intriguing new element with this 6″ Carnage action figure. Unlike the ridiculously large Eddie Brock head that comes with the new Venom figure, the Cletus Kassidy Carnage head is properly scaled and looks fantastic on the body. This action figure, like others from Hasbro, is incredibly detailed, and the face exemplifies this nicely.

Aside from the perfect paint job and extreme attention to detail another thing that makes the action figure worth getting for your collection is its agility. The ball hinge neck, shoulders, and wrists as well as double-jointed elbows and knees make it perfect for displaying in almost all imaginable poses.

3. Medicom Toy Mafex Carnage

This particular figure may be the best thing you can get if you are looking for something more versatile. The figure is extremely detailed, especially in the face. The pain job is really sharp and the contrast makes the action figure extremely realistic. 

This action figure may be the most agile out of all of the figures on this list. Aside from the two joints on both legs and arms, it also features joints where the ankles and wrists of the figure are. The head also has a ball joint making the head turn all the way around, as well as the ability to move the figure’s back a little bit.

The figure also comes with seven different attachments which make the figure appear as if its hand morphed into one of Carnage’s most popular weapons, including the ax.


Look no farther than the Amazing Yamaguchi line if you want to see figure packaging done well. Amazing Yamaguchi Carnage’s box is an explosion of color and graphics that you don’t know where to look first, fully honoring the character’s comic book heritage. Panels and comic covers from Carnage’s early appearances serve as the backdrop to the many stock photographs of the figure plastered across the box, along with quotations and text bubbles for that extra comic book vibe.

Carnage doesn’t seem like much in a neutral posture since the Amazing Yamaguchi brand prioritizes stylized sculpts that actually flourish when placed in dynamic positions. 

Carnage is a well-made figure, but it’s not very noteworthy. Despite the fact that Revoltech joints have a habit of breaking up sculpts in an unattractive manner, Carnage has a somewhat clean shape, which is aided by the two-tone color scheme and muscular texturing that covers the whole body.

Both the molding and the paint applications are crisp, and though Carnage has the same glossy sheen as the rest of the Revoltech figures, it doesn’t make it seem cheap or unpleasant. It really works well with the figure, bringing out all of the sculpted details and keeping the design as the horrible abomination that Carnage is.

But if Carnage hasn’t already wowed you, just wait till you see all of the accessories that come with this figure. First, there are two more pairs of eyes, which can be changed out for a variety of emotions, just like the earlier Amazing Yamaguchi offerings. An uncovered head, or even an alternative head with a closed jaw, would have been wonderful, but with so much stuff packed into this release, it’s understood why they weren’t considered.

5. Hasbro Marvel Legends Series

This six-inch figure is the one every collector would want to have in their collection. It is suitable for both serious collectors and casual fans since it portrays the character of Carnage perfectly and in all of its glory. 

The figure has its menacing looks which come from the comic books. There is special attention to the detail, especially when it comes to the thin black, symbiote residue left on the Carnage suit. What especially adds to the overall mood of the action figure is the detail in the hands of the action figure, which is best seen in the claws.

The head may be the most realistic part of the action figure is the head by far. To make things even better, this figure comes with three separate heads, each as realistic as the previous one. This makes the action figure worth any possible flaws the action figure may have. The set features the original Carnage head, an absolute Carnage head, and a Deadpool and symbiote head. 

In addition to looking extremely realistic, the figure has great agility. With movable joints in both arms and legs, as well as the head this action figure is perfect for displaying since it can be put in virtually any position imaginable. The quality of the materials and the built of the action figure ensure there are no loose joints that would disable the action figure. This makes it the perfect addition for any collector since it will complete any collection, especially if it is Spiderman centered. 

6. Diamond Select Toys Carnage Special Collectors Edition

When the fantastic Marvel Select Venom figure (perhaps the greatest Marvel figure produced that year) was introduced in early 2013, collectors eagerly demanded a Carnage figure of the same caliber. Unlike the Hasbro Marvel Legends Carnage figure from last year, which aimed for a clean, classic comic book design for Carnage, the Diamond Select Toys approach aims for a far more detailed and nasty Carnage. The result is an 8-inch Carnage figure with greater sculpting detail and texture than any previous Carnage toy.

However, sculpting isn’t the only place where Diamond Select Toys outperforms its predecessors. This Carnage figure may have more accessories than any other Carnage figure ever made put together. A vintage Carnage head, a current Carnage head, and a Cletus Kassidy “unmasked” Carnage head are included. 

Carnage also comes with two interchangeable arms, a spear arm and a scythe arm, five tendril-like attachments that can be added to various ports on Carnage’s torso, and four web line-like tendrils in addition to the different heads. There are a total of 13 accessories in this set.

Carnage has a ball-jointed head, an upper torso ab crunch, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, swivel waist, swivel hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, and ankle rockers. While you won’t be able to get this 8-inch Carnage action figure into any superb martial arts postures, the built-in articulation will allow you to show Carnage in a variety of menacing, battle-ready postures.

7. Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select Carnage 

This particular action figure is extremely rare since it was discontinued by the manufacturer and you can only get it if you find it from a reseller. For collectors, this is a fantastic toy. 

This sculpture features various faces and attachments, allowing you to display Carnage in your preferred stances, assuming you open it. The Marvel collection from Diamond Toys is notable for how effectively it presents itself in the box. The best way to exhibit them as a collector is sealed since the packaging may be just as essential as the toy itself.

Additionally, the action figure is extremely detailed, just like the rest of the series. The manufacturer pays special attention to the details and that fact paired up with the extremely realistic paint job makes the action figure one of the most realistic out there.

The figure also comes with detachable tendrils which add another dose of realism to the figure. An added bonus of the figure is that it comes with additional artwork for display purposes.

8. Marvel Venom Titan Hero Series Carnage

This action figure is perfect for anyone looking for a cheaper and simpler addition to their collection. Those attributes also make it perfect for anyone looking to start their collection. The pack features a classical Carnage action figure with no accessories but commits to the amazing quality Hasbro is known for.

It comes inside a simple packaging that still manages to catch your eye. The design of the figure is a little less detailed than some other action figures on this list but it makes up for it with an amazing paint job. The contrast between black, white, and red makes the action figure really pop and the design on the head and face extremely realistic, especially the mouth. The only thing that gets lost in the action figure is the little black bits of the symbiote which are only centered on the chest of the figure but aren’t really present on the rest of the body.

The action figure has really good agility for what it’s worth. It’s a bit less than what most of the other figures on this list have to offer but is still pretty good considering the only joints the figure has are located on the hips and shoulders. Although it seems like a complete disadvantage there is a bright side to this predicament, since it makes the action figure more sturdy and less prone to breakage.

All in all, this is a great starting action figure especially once you take the price of it compared to the similar figures into consideration.

9. Prodigy Toys Toxin / Carnage Action Figure

One thing to note about this figurine is that it may be better suited for adult collectors rather than smaller children. This is due to the fact that it comes disassembled with many small parts which would be a choking hazard for younger children. The action figure itself is smaller in size, standing tall (or short) at 3 inches, which is another thing to keep in mind if you have a preference when it comes to the size of your figures. 

It has a unique style and design which will make sure it stands out in your collection. Another attribute of the action figure contributing to this factor is the unusual color of the hands. While most figures simply include Carnage’s signature colors, black and red, this figure also features silver on the hands. The color combined with the size of them makes this action figure truly unique.

Another thing that stands out about this figure is the paint job. Most collectors or even casual fans of action figures prefer realistic color schemes on their action figures, however, in this case, the figure manages to pull off the bright red color and the stark contrast it has black and pearly white details on it.

Another advantage this model has over traditional action figures is the material it is made out of. The figure is mainly made out of hard plastic, which is actually a huge plus. Most collectors may consider this a problem but it actually makes it a lot more durable than the traditional figure are, which is definitely a plus if you want to display your action figures and not keep them in the box.

10. DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Marvel Gallery: Carnage

If you were going off the packaging alone you probably wouldn’t expect much from this action figure. However, the small square box with unimpressive packaging is hiding an action figure any collector would be proud to have in their collection.

Although it is not agile at all and in fact can not move at all it throbs any other figure on this list. It comes mounted on a rock in a position that makes it seem like it’s ready to attack. Despite not being able to move it around this piece would look great on any shelf. 

The attention to detail with this figure is amazing and makes it look extremely realistic and menacing. The look is completed with one of Carnage’s most iconic weapons since his right hand is turned into an ax. This is also visible when it comes to the head since the face on it looks more realistic than any other figure on this list.

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