11 Best Horror Podcasts to Listen To in the Dark

10 Best Horror Podcasts to Listen To in the Dark

Podcasting is a phenomenon that is growing in popularity around the world. The whole concept started around the year 2000 but soon expanded and is today practically an essential part of Western pop culture, with podcasts having thousands and thousands of followers around the world. The art of podcasting is very specific and you have to know how to attract people and which people you want to attract. This is why there are lots of topic-specialized podcasts that focus specifically on one, single topic. We on Fiction Horizon have decided to do the same, as we are going to bring you a list of the 10 best horror podcasts you need to listen to in the dark in 2021 if you want to get a proper scare. Just remember that the great Alfred Hitchcock once said that people want to be scared – so don’t hesitate to follow the podcasts on our list.




Link: Official Website
Active Since: March 2015
Frequency: 2 episodes per month

Description: “Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories. Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

Each episode examined a new dark historical tale in a modern campfire experience. With more than 32,300 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts, and over 285-million listens, that’s clearly a good thing. New episodes are released every two weeks, on Mondays.”

The fact that this podcast has won two Best of the Year (2015, 2016) awards makes it worth your while. The crew running it are doing an excellent job and we highly recommend it if you want to get a proper scare while in your bed in the dark; Lore is probably your best option when it comes to horror-related podcasts.


the no sleep podcast 1

Link: Official Website
Active Since: June 2011
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “In the spring of 2010, a new forum appeared on Reddit.com. It was called “Nosleep” and the concept of this forum (or “subreddit”) was to be a place for people to post original scary stories about frightening experiences. It was an online version of telling spooky stories around the campfire.

A year later, as Nosleep was growing at a rapid pace, one member named Matt Hansen proposed the idea of ​​doing a podcast where some of the top stories from Nosleep would be narrated in audiobook style. The response was quite positive and over the next few months a small group of members endeavored to put together what would come to be known as The Nosleep Podcast.

On June 13th, 2011 Episode # 1 was released. David Cummings assumed the role of host and producer and it was decided to release a new episode every two weeks. Producing the podcast has been a learning experience from the start with many Redditors volunteering to narrate and help produce the shows.

The podcast has been well-received from the very beginning. Through word-of-mouth advertising the number of regular listeners has grown steadily. Reviewers on iTunes consistently rate 5 stars and the podcast ranks quite high in its “Arts” category. The Nosleep Podcast has proudly featured stories from authors who have gone on to publish their stories.”

NoSleep is a very well-organized podcast that is – undoubtedly – one of the better ones out there and if you want a good scare, we highly recommend it because of its organisation, the dedicated work of its contributors and the nature of its stories.

Magnus Archives

rusty quill

Link: Official Website
Active Since: 2015
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Rusty Quill Ltd. is a London-based UK entertainment production company and podcast network. They specialize in creating original, free-to-consume content whilst providing a platform for new and interesting voices and talent. They are known for their multi-award-winning fiction podcasts.

In March 2016 they launched their second audio drama series, one of the world’s most popular horror podcasts, the Magnus Archives. This ongoing long-form anthology podcast details the supernatural cases under investigation by the Magnus Institute and its archivists. The Magnus Archives boasts a dedicated cult following in addition to multiple award wins. The series has more than 160 episodes in its catalog and releases a new episode every week.

They currently have four podcasts, Rusty Quill Gaming, the Magnus Archives, Outliers, and Stellar Firma.



Link: Official Website
Active Since: 2006
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “You’ve found the world’s first horror fiction podcast. For over a decade, Pseudopod has been bringing you the best short horror in audio form, to take with you anywhere. We pay our authors professional rates for original fiction and we reach more people every week than any other short fiction horror market.

In 2016 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary. For details, check out our YEAR10 page. Are you new to Pseudopod? Don’t let our decade of content daunt you. We’ve assembled a list of stories that show the strength and diversity of our offerings. Check it out here (or at the “For New Listeners” link under “Episodes” on the bar above). Pseudopod is for mature audiences only. Hardly any story on Pseudopod is suitable for children. We mean this very seriously.”

Pseudopod has been on the scene long enough to be a respectable podcast that you can enjoy if you love horror. It offers diverse content and, like others, it’s very mature, but definitely worth your time.



Link: Official Website
Active Since: October 2015
Frequency: 4 episodes per quarter

Description: “Tanis is a serialized bi-weekly podcast from the Public Radio Alliance and Minnow Beats Whale about something Terry & Nic have been obsessed with for well over a decade, a fascinating and surprising mystery: the myth of Tanis. Tanis is hosted by Nic Silver.

Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy, and information. Tanis is what happens when the lines of science and fiction start to blur… You can subscribe to Tanis for free on Apple Podcasts and other audio platforms, and you can also listen right here on tanispodcast.com.”

TANIS is a topic-specific horror podcast focuses specifically on the myth of Tanis, a mysterious entity for whom the hosts are searching for. TANIS is consistently ranked among the best horror podcasts around the web.

Tales to Terrify

image 1

Link: Official Website
Active Since: 2012
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “Since 2012, Tales to Terrify has curated the best short horror fiction from established and emerging writers, and turned each story into simple, spine-tingling audio. We’re a volunteer-run podcast. Our staff and narrators do what we do because we’re passionate about horror and bringing creepy tales to life for you, our listeners.”

Tales to Terrify is a reliable and well-known horror podcast that brings us interesting stories. It has a small group of horror enthusiasts running it, as they try to bring you the best of horror to your ears.

Wrong Station

Link: Official Website
Active Since: December 2016
Frequency: 2 episodes per month

Description: “You may wish to adjust the dial. You’re currently listening to… the Wrong Station.”

Wrong Station is a horror anthology series, taking its inspiration from classic 1940s radio horror broadcasts like Quiet, Please and Lights Out. From the moment the haunting piano theme fades out, each story is told to you, personally, by a narrator with something to hide, or something to confess.

Wrong Station is created and produced by Alexander Saxton, Anthony Botelho, and Jacob Duarte Spiel.

This Toronto-based podcast is know for using a well-known and devised formula that has brought it a lot of subscribers over the years and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for good stories.

Return Home

image 2

Link: Official Website
Active Since: February 2016
Frequency: 1 episode per quarter

Description: “Return Home is a serialized audio drama, done in the style of radio shows of ages past. It is fully produced, in stereo sound, to make you feel like you are part of the action. Though you can listen however you’d like, it’s recommended you do so with headphones. Alone. In a darkened room.

Return Home is the story of Jonathan Barker, who returns to his home of Melancholy Falls, NJ, after five years away. An unknown entity beckons him back East, in order to unravel the mystery of what his home town has become…or has always been. Reunited with his best friends, Buddy and Ami, Jonathan must discover the secrets of Melancholy Falls, and why he was told to return home. Each episode will be split into parts, releasing once a week, until it is complete.

Sometimes a new episode will begin immediately. Sometimes there will be a short break. Return Home was created by Jeff Heimbuch. Seasons 1 and 2 were produced by Andrew Taylor and Jeff Heimbuch, while Seasons 3 and beyond are produced by Jeff Heimbuch. It features an original musical score by Kori Celeste.”

Return Home is a podcast done in the tradition of old radio dramas; it is an original, serialized audio drama that is certainly going to captivate your interest so we highly recommend it.

Jim Harold’s Campfire

image 3

Link: Official Website
Active Since: Unknown
Frequency: 1 episode per week

Description: “True stories of the supernatural as told by real people with your host Jim Harold. Den of Geek said this of the show: Jim Harold’s Campfire is perhaps the best tool we have currently in existence to hear real-life scary stories from other human beings since the actual campfire was invented. Jim agrees. Tune in and get your spooky on!”

Jim Harold’s Campfire is different from other podcasts in the sense that it brings us real-life scary stories and encounters with the supernatural. Whether you actually believe in them is another thing, but Jim Harold’s guarantees that you’ll be properly scared after experiencing some of their episodes.

Scared by Scott

Link: Apple Podcasts

Description: “Do you like listening to horror podcasts about scary or spooky stories? Then sit back and listen to short horror stories presented to you with minimal music and sound effects for that campfire story feel. Try not to get scared… All stories written and narrated by Scott Newman unless indicated otherwise.”

Scared by Scott doesn’t really stick out as far as any innovations are concerned, but the stories Scott Newman gives us are quite interesting and with the musical background akin to a real horror movie, we guarantee you’ll feel scared and uneasy after listening, which is what you came for in the first place, right?

Nightmare Magazine

image 4

Link: Official Website
Active Since: Unknown
Frequency: 4 episodes per week

Description: “Nightmare is a horror and dark fantasy magazine. In Nightmare’s pages, you will find all kinds of horror fiction, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror. Edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams, every month Nightmare brings you a mix of originals and reprints, and featuring a variety of authors — from the bestsellers and award-winners you already know to the best new voices you haven’t heard of yet.

When you read Nightmare, it is our hope that you’ll see where horror comes from, where it is now, and where it’s going. Nightmare also includes fiction podcasts, nonfiction articles, book and media reviews, feature interviews, and Q & As with our authors that go behind-the-scenes of their stories.

Our current publication schedule each month includes two pieces of original fiction and two fiction reprints, along with a feature interview or review and our monthly column about horror, “The H Word.” Each issue’s contents are serialized on our website throughout the month, with new features publishing on the first four Wednesdays of every month.

You can read Nightmare for free online, or you can read and subscribe to our ebook editions. Our ebook issues publish on the first of every month and are available for sale via our ebookstore (in Mobi, ePub, and PDF format) and are also available in other formats such as Kindle and Nook. You can also subscribe to our ebook edition in a variety of formats; visit our Subscribe page for more details.”

Finally, Nightmare Magazine is much more than just a simple podcast. It is a whole brand of horror-related content that you’ll definitely want to check out as it is one of the most reliable places to get scared today.


And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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