10 Best TV Shows of All Time, Ranked by Fans

10 Best TV Shows of All Time, Ranked by Fans

Ranker is a popular place on the Internet where people can rank whatever they want, however, they want, and whenever they want. This is always a fan-focused ranking system, and it is never officially tied to the people behind the projects in question. Recently, a large survey was organized on Ranker, whose goal was to determine the best movies of all time. The list includes more than 2,500 series, but in our report, we have decided to list the top ten titles from the site to provide you with better insight, combined with our original comments and opinions, which will add flavor to the whole report. (Be ready, as there are several titles we don’t agree with!)

Of course, since this is indeed an important list, we have decided to report on it, so we are going to bring you the results by listing the top 10 series on this list, from 10th to first place. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

10. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a perfect example of how a successful spin-off is made. Coming from the pages of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul tells us the story of Saul Goodman in the best way possible. And while the series had its small failures from time to time (unlike Breaking Bad, which was perfect), Bob Odenkirk’s charismatic performance and the story of Saul are definitely enough for us to agree with this listing.

9. Band of Brothers

You might not be a fan of war series, but there is absolutely no doubt that Band of Brothers is a brilliantly made show and quite possibly the best war show of all time. It is a majestic work with a brilliant story, a realistic approach, and great characters, so we absolutely agree with this listing as well. We might have even given it a better place than #9.

8. Sherlock

Yours truly is a bit torn here, as he absolutely loves Sherlock, but is it one of the ten best of all time? There’s Jeremy Brett’s Perfect Holmes series from the 1980s, and there’s Doctor Who, which did not make the list, House, M.D., Twin Peaks, The X Files, The Wire as well… Sherlock proved to be imperfect in the end, and while it is a cult classic series, we’re not so sure about it being one of the ten best of all time, and definitely not better than Band of Brothers or Better Call Saul… and this comes from a true fan.

7. Tom & Jerry

A true classic, Tom & Jerry is a piece of television history, a cartoon series that raised generations and is still a classic that we all love going back to. Does it deserve to be in the top ten? More in the form of an honorable mention, just like the other cartoon series on this list, but we won’t complain much that it is here, as it really is an exceptionally important part of television history.

6. The Twilight Zone

Rod Serling made this anthology series an unforgettable classic, and we absolutely agree that it should be on this list. It has been revived, readapted, and reimagined, becoming a pillar of pop culture and an inspiration to many. The Twilight Zone absolutely had to be on this list, so from our perspective, Rod Serling’s classic show is definitely a series that had to land a spot here… probably even a better one than the fans have given it.

5. The Sopranos

Oh, absolutely. The crime drama about the Soprano family is a classic of modern television and a series that has become a cult work, without a doubt. The late James Gandolfini gave everything to this series, making it an unforgettable classic that will be loved for generations to come. The Sopranos definitely deserve to be on this list, and to be frank, we’d put it higher than fifth place, without a doubt.

4. The Office

Well, it was either this of Friends, as far as sitcoms are concerned. The Office is Friends of a newer generation of fans, and we have to agree that its overall cultural and historical impact is truly amazing, so we don’t mind it being on this list; plus, it is a refreshment when compared to Friends. Whether it deserves the fourth spot is debatable, but we won’t complain. Much.

3. Looney Tunes

As far as Bugs Bunny and his friends are concerned, everything we’ve said about Tom & Jerry can be applied here. Looney Tunes is a piece of television series and a classic cartoon series that everyone loves. It will be forever remembered as a piece of history, so even though it doesn’t really fit this list – which is mostly filled with live-action series – we won’t complain that it is here, as it is an exceptionally important part of modern pop culture.

2. Game of Thrones

No. Definitely not. Sure, it is a pop culture phenomenon, and it is a quality series… but top ten? Second?! No way. Not with that ending and not with all the issues that it had in the second half of the series. It had potential, but when you remember which series did not make the cut (we’ve listed several, but there’s also Chernobyl, True Detective, Fargo, The Simpsons, and many more…), there is no chance in Hell that Game of Thrones is the second best series of all time. It’s not even in the top ten.

1. Breaking Bad

Is Breaking Bad the best show of all time? Quite possibly, yes. It’s always a matter of preference here, but from an objective standpoint, Breaking Bad is one of the rare perfect shows that had it all. The cast, the crew, the story, the beginning, and the ending. Everything was perfect from the beginning to the end, so we definitely agree with this listing in every possible aspect.

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