10th Season of Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Confirmed for January 2022

The thrilling horror anime Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories directed by Tomoya Takashima is set to release its 10th season sometime in January of 2022. On Friday, December 17, 2021, TV Tokyo announced the exciting news on its official website. The exact premiere date is yet to be announced.

The first season of Yamishibai aired on TV Tokyo in July 2013 for a total of 13 episodes. Since then, the anime series has had over 91 episodes. Each episode only ran for a few minutes and was serialized as a collection of shorts.  If you’ve never seen this anime, get binging before the latest season premiers. 


In the anime, an old man wearing a yellow mask shares Japanese myths and urban legends with children at a playground every five in the afternoon. He uses a method of storytelling called kamishibai or paper drama to tell these tales. Popular Japanese voice actor Kanji Tsuda returns, bringing life to these stories as the narrator of the series.


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The horror anime even got a live-action adaptation that aired in Japan in September 2020. Staying true to the original Yamishibai anime style, the live-action didn’t have regular video footage but instead used still photos of landscape and paintings. The live-action remade popular ghost stories from the anime and also produced a couple of original works.

Hopefully, we’ll get more sneak peeks and news on the upcoming horror anime.  Keep following our page for more anime-related news! 

Source: Official TV-Tokyo Website