25 Best Minecraft House Ideas In 2021

25 Best Minecraft House Ideas In 2021

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Minecraft is a game where you have the possibility of building anything. Minecraft is essentially about creating things through your imagination. But there are so many ideas and inspiration around why not get some of it. 

If you’re someone who enjoys building houses, like most other players in Minecraft, then I would like to share some amazing Minecraft houses that I found online. 

Although the list of most beautiful houses in Minecraft is endless, I have tried hard to get the best ones in this article. 

So, without further ado, let us dive deep into these beautiful houses. 

1. Fantasy Victorian Mansion

It’s about time we move on to more exciting things. There are things like the Fantasy Victorian Mansion. This building, with its multiple stories and sharply tapering gables, is very much in the style of Victorian architecture.

You’ll need a lot of oak wood (and a lot of confidence with blueprints) if you want to attempt to construct it. Nevertheless, once you’re ready, this is exactly the type of abode that will make you feel like the head of a refined noble family.

2. Big Village House

Want to keep it minimal, but scale it up a bit? Perhaps Big Village House is a good option for you. Though it doesn’t follow any specific architectural style and features a relatively simple stone-and-wood exterior color scheme, it’s an imposing establishment with a large number of rooms and some really nice décor inside.

The house is ideal for a player who doesn’t want to be too ostentatious or showy but still wants to live in a larger residence with plenty of storage space and room for movement. For green-thumbed players, there’s also a swimming pool and some garden space.

3. Modern Mansion

On this list, we’ve seen a village house and Victorian aesthetics, but what if you prefer something a bit more modern? Obviously, you’ll choose a blueprint like the Modern Mansion.

This building is constructed primarily of stone and clay, with a bit of wood to offset the lighter colors, and has a minimalist style that is reminiscent of the home of a Silicon Valley billionaire.

It’s a little more challenging to build than some of the other stuff on this list, but it still has a low number of blocks, and its sleek, geometric look is very satisfying to construct.

4. Simple Quartz Modern House

In keeping with the theme of modern homes, the Simple Quartz Modern House follows that theme very closely. This apartment is primarily made out of quartz and glass and has a sleek, minimalist, open-plan design that will make you feel like a modern yuppie.

5. Quartz Suburban House With Pool

You can follow the billionaire’s example and get more of what you like if you end up liking quartz-based aesthetics. While there are a lot of quartz-based house plans out there, the Quartz Suburban House with a Pool is probably one of the most elaborate.

To make your Minecraft-self feel like an upper-middle-class person, it incorporates elements of brick, a pool, patio, and backyard to offset the geometric open-plan quartz design.

6. Khrushchyovka Soviet Apartment Building

Generally speaking, Soviet buildings are blandly functional and rather boring to look at.

If you want your map to have that Eastern Bloc look, blueprints like that of the Khrushchyovka Soviet Apartment Building 1 should work. By combining several of these, you’ll bring a grim industrial feel to the world of Minecraft.

Furthermore, there are a number of apartments in the building, so you can store things there or invite all your friends over if you’re playing one of those larger cooperative games. Just make sure they don’t get too creative with the decoration if you want to keep that authentically somber Soviet look.

7. Governor’s Palace

There are tons of rooms in the Governor’s Palace, as well as lavish furnishing and some impressive topiary in the front.

It is clear that this building will take some time to construct with more than 40,000 blocks and different kinds of stone, brick, and wood. 

When you’re finished with it, though, it’s the kind of place that’ll make you (and your friends, should you choose to offer them a room or two) feel like you’re the man in charge.

8. Huge Modern Mansion

This theme is reflected in the Huge Modern Mansion, though it has more of a mock-Tudor flavor than a modern feel. With more than 47,000 blocks, primarily bricks and wood, this one will take you some serious time to build.

Nevertheless, with its multiple levels, sprawling interior and exterior features, and light color scheme, this Minecraft house will make you feel like you’ve really made your mark in this highly competitive world.

9. Semi-Organic Medieval Treehouse

After you’ve mastered the basics of treehouse construction, it might be time to start experimenting with more elaborate treetop structures. It’s the perfect way to give your Minecraft habitation a truly unique touch with our Semi-Organic Medieval Treehouse.

Imagine yourself seeing a partially organic woodland treehouse, let alone one that has a medieval theme? It has a similar structure to this one that shows how creative Minecraft can be.

10. Simple Starter Treehouse

Once you’ve mastered the basics of following blueprints, it’s time to add your own flair to the dwellings you choose. For instance, treehouses. A Simple Starter Treehouse is a great way to learn what it takes to build a house in a Minecraft tree.

A treetop home is a difficult process, but it is more than worth it for the unique experience. If you choose the right tree, you can enjoy views that your house cannot match.

11. Small Survival House

As you get more comfortable with building off blueprints, you may want to build a small Survival House 1 if you’re not quite ready to construct a full-scale mansion. 

A small house, as its name implies, but still with a significant amount of space. The house has two floors, a hedge, a veranda, and a nice wooden exterior.

If you have it decorated and furnished, it’ll feel like your home, whether or not you plan on using it as a main home base.

12. Minimalist Gothic House

Minimalist Gothic House continues the trend of small, easily-constructed homes with a classic architectural twist. Despite being small and simple to build, this Gothic outpost has a classical Gothic look that lends your Minecraft outpost some class. 

13. Village Hunters House

Prefer a more rusty brick color scheme? Then you’ll want to try the Village Hunters House. This very simple rectangular building remains great for practice but is also ideal for remote locations.

As the name implies, this house resembles a hunter’s lodge; and amidst a lush, remote forest, this simple red-brick building will no doubt feel very cozy and inviting.

14. Tiny Stone House

Similar to the previous house, this tiny stone house is made of stone rather than wood.

In the end, it’s about what kind of aesthetic you prefer, but this, like the Tiny Survival House, is a good way to learn blueprints, and a way to create easy-to-make shelters anywhere. 

15. Tiny Survival House

If this is your first time following a blueprint in Minecraft, this is a great one to start with. Tiny Survival House 1 is a house that’s just big enough for a bed, making it good for survival and not much else.

Aside from being good practice for following a blueprint, this house’s small size and easy resources (just wood and cobblestone) make it very easy to build several of them.

In case of an emergency, do these houses provide shelter, as well as a way to preserve your progress to protect you if you run into trouble?

16. Minecraft Medieval House

Minecraft’s medieval houses come in all shapes and sizes. A sturdy stone castle built with gothic features, an eerie fireplace, and a hidden lair might be the perfect Minecraft castle for you. 

If you are looking for a simple rustic village dwelling fashioned from oak, surrounded by trees, or placed in a rural green sanctuary, our favorite would have to be this combination of the two, with stonework similar to that of a castle combined with barn-like features. 

You won’t get bogged down in the design aspect with this cozy, simple Minecraft build, so you can focus on exploring.

17. Small Modern Bungalow

Modern houses are a great choice for players who enjoy clean lines and white aesthetics. It is small and easy to make, but it contains quartz, so players who want to build it in survival will need to obtain quartz from the Nether.

18. Minecraft Underground House

Recent trends in Minecraft houses suggest building a basement property with stairs leading to your underground base. The base needs to be hollowed out to create this unique living area. As soon as you have built up the walls, the stairs, and everything else your property needs, you can install some glass on the roof so the sun can shine through. This is a great option if you’re especially fond of keeping plants indoors.

While it can be challenging to keep this adequately lit at night, a few torches or glowstone blocks can help. Do you want to know what’s so great about it? Since this is Minecraft, you won’t need to worry about mold forming on the walls. Don’t forget to have enough fencing around your house, otherwise, you may have a rather rude knock on your door at night.

19. Minecraft Treehouse

If you suffer from vertigo, these Minecraft houses are not for you. Minecraft treehouses are a great idea to keep you safe from creepers that appear at night so that you can work on your Minecraft shield instead. Using a treehouse also gives you an excellent view of the surrounding area or a vantage point from which to shoot arrows at Minecraft mobs.

A new home can be built perched atop a tree, or you can construct an entirely new tree. If you want to build a treehouse or a house at the top of a tree, you must start with a solid base. It is a great place to start, this hidden and peaceful home adorned with rose bushes and a nifty trapdoor. 

Don’t forget to include a ladder otherwise, you won’t be able to get back in.

20. Minecraft Wooden House

In Minecraft, you can build wooden houses of any size, from wood-paneled mansions to comfy log cabins. As long as you have the supplies, you can let your imagination run wild. Wooden houses are extremely versatile, easy to make, and can be tailored to your own needs. 

An advantage of a wooden house is that you can gather materials relatively easily if you wish to extend it. You can also relax on the porch before setting off on a trip to this quaint wooden cabin.

If you have the supplies, you can build a Minecraft Wooden House as big or small as you like. From wood-paneled palatial mansions to cozy log cabins on the outskirts of a Minecraft village, you can let your imagination run wild. 

A wooden house in Minecraft is versatile, and you can easily get its materials or create it to suit your needs. In addition, it has a porch that makes it easier to relax and go on adventures.

21. Minecraft Suburban House

A suburban Minecraft house might be to your liking if you’re looking for something simple, practical, and perhaps familiar. 

The house has a typical suburban layout: two stories, a garage, and a covered porch. Despite its humble appearance, it is still a well-built construction made of concrete, stone, and quartzite. 

If you like, you can also make the rooms a little bigger, but keep in mind that everything will need to be scaled up to keep it looking homely.

22. Minecraft Modern House

The Minecraft community offers a variety of modern house designs, so you don’t have to settle for a rustic abode. We have a hard time finding the materials we need. 

Stone, slabs, and clay are all used to create the modern crib, complete with large glass windows and a balcony to take in the views. As a result, modern houses take longer to plan and build, so prepare everything in advance. 

We love the modern house design with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls and stunning landscaped garden, complete with grass hedges and a meandering lake.

23. Minecraft Beach House

You might be starting somewhere near the coast and want something a little more fitting for the area. There are tons of options for beach houses, whether you’re looking for a ramshackle hut on the water’s edge or a secluded three-tiered mansion with a pool. One of our favorites is the unassuming, easy-to-build villa above. 

While it is made up of quartz blocks, it features a clever use of trap doors as decorations. 

The distribution of Minecraft beach house blueprints is another very important aspect. This means that the house furniture is placed in a way that doesn’t obstruct the passage. The days of summer go by in a flash. Additionally, new people frequently move into the house. When it comes to the living room, furniture and sofas tend to be used, which at one point can be transformed into an improvised bedroom. It is therefore important to consider the available space.

24. Minecraft Japanese House

If you’re looking for a tranquil home that’s intricately crafted with vibrant and traditional colors, this Japanese home in Minecraft is a cinch to build. The building is made of cobblestone, acacia logs, wood, and sandstone – and can be surrounded by blossom trees made of pink wool. 

It doesn’t take long to have a peaceful Japanese house up and running in Minecraft as long as you have the materials on hand. When you’ve finished constructing the Japanese house, maybe you can then create a garden complete with ornate bridges running over a pond filled with fish (brought over with a bucket.

This design of houses is completely different from those we enlisted here. For those who want to experience a new style, Japanese House is a great choice. Although this may only be applicable for a short time in a survival game, you can use many of the ideas offered here to improve the design.

The deck and roof have a lot of styles. Following these design principles will allow you to create something truly amazing.

25. Minecraft Villa

You need a Minecraft villa if you want to relax by the pool with a cool drink in hand, and with the help of this video tutorial, you can complete this build within 45 minutes. Although it isn’t the most complex design, once you get the bare bones built, you can fill it with these luxury Minecraft kitchen ideas. You can also turn it into a rustic villa by adding some of our Minecraft farm designs.

I wonder how much it would cost to build such a villa in real life. The building has a swimming pool, many free rooms, two floors, a beautiful design, and glass walls. The only thing that is missing is a coffee machine. However, when you build the villa on Minecraft, who would have thought that you could become its owner?

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