3 Interesting Anime Series That Got Better with Season 2

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Some anime shows are destined to become all-time favorites on the go, and already from the first episode and season 2. Other shows, however, may have issues captivating the hearts of the anime fandom right from the start. Here is a list of shows that started off as “just okay,” and that soon switched to “awesome” after the first season and into the second.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

Many Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures fans might agree that Jojo has a slow start, however, intense absurdity soon overtakes the show, creating a true anime gem that stands out as unique series that deserves more than one season. Although Jojo has a slow start, many fans agree that the series is worth sinking into the story and diving into the second season and forth, which changes the perspective of the show.

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins anime series starts off as a shallow show with over-powerful characters and seemingly useless female characters that create moments that are nothing more than fan service events. The series also had disputable comic relief scenes and a childish art style didn’t seem to make things right. However, the show got better with the emotional turmoil that the character needed to go through.


Gintama has a unique story, following the adventures of an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata. The story is set in feudal Japan once aliens known as Amanto invade Japan. Amanto aliens ban the use of swords and treat samurai as outcasts. The series starts off with a bunch of character intros in the first two episodes, making a slow start. However, the second season explores more mature and darker elements, which brings redemption to the show.

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