6 Best Must-Play Anime Games for Real Anime Fans


The summer season is ending, and winter winds are blowing in; this is the perfect time for anime fans to catch up on some anime games they might have missed this year. With the new announcements from Nintendo and PlayStation, it is an excellent time to be an anime fan. The following are some games that will undoubtedly provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hino kami Chronicles

Since 2019 Demon slayer has taken over the world by storm; with its incredible visuals and great combat, it’s been making fans left and right. This success also led to a game that wasn’t just some lousy cash grab but an enjoyable in-depth arena fighter. The roster consists of 12 unique characters who have distinct styles and kits. The story takes you through all the major beats of the original anime with exhilarating boss fights, which are a true spectacle.

Combat might feel off at the start, but with some time in the single player, it becomes second nature. You have regular attacks, heavy attacks, and even special moves that execute stunning finishing actions in the style of breathing arts taken from the story. The true bread and butter of the game is the multiplayer or couch co-op; it is executed to perfection with specific mechanics that will stop continuous button-mashing combos that have plagued games of this nature from the start. The servers also work strong will minimal to zero input lag on a half-decent internet connection. This game is sure to cement its place with the best of the best, like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm games.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

The recent announcement of the sequel has created the perfect time to enjoy this incredible gem—a heartwarming story about a girl out on a journey to become an alchemist. This is just the right amount of wholesome and thrilling action, as Gust has been developing the Atelier series for many years. And now, they have hit the sweet spot with all their mechanics working together while enhancing the story. Not to mention the breathtaking art and graphics that make the landscape pop.

Combat is the system that Gust has refined and expanded on with its multiple games. It is turn-based in nature, but action is not the only aspect of it. Since your main character is on the path to becoming an alchemist, you must also gather elements and materials to craft recipes. This system also bleeds into the combat as you must prep before going out to adventure by creating potions and elemental devices to aid you in combat. You can also target certain monsters with specific spells and attacks to get a unique item or material. All the aspects of the game meld with each and provide an excellent wholesome experience for all kinds of anime fans.

Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions isn’t a full anime game as it doesn’t have its own anime series, but instead is fully implemented with anime graphics. because it is one of the very few famous anime pvp games with the highest number of concurrent players, you’ll easily find matches and play as long as you want. a number of the mechas in this game were created by a local Japanese designer who designed several mechs in Gundam and other anime.

You can choose one pilot to play the game, and when the gauge is full, you’ll summon a mecha to fight massively. There’s a battle royale mode in which dozens of players are dropped on a huge map, where the last team survives. additionally , it also supports various pvp modes like 5vs5 team deathmatch, Sniper match, etc. This anime game is suggested for friends who have played games like Fortnite. It’s a lively game that the content and balance are regularly updated every week. In summary, Super Mecha Champions may be a great anime game to play with your multiple friends as it allows many people in your party.

If you are rather interested in knowing more about anime PvP games than Super Mecha Champion, check out the list of best PvP games 2022 for anime fans.

Scarlet Nexus

Few Action RPG games can claim that they have the perfect blend of combat and story while not being a Platinum studio game. Scarlet Nexus is one such game. It is truly a marvel how a game that might seem like a treasure trove of anime cliché turns out to have a thrilling plot underpinned by a narrative of political intrigue and betrayal. Bandi Namco has genuinely outdone themselves this time and has created an Action RPG that can stand toe to toe with the greatest out there.

The story campaign is divided into two parts, and each piece follows a different protagonist with a variation in their move sets. The different paths also intersect upon vital points, which help to expand on the hidden narrative, and a playthrough of both characters is required to get the whole story. But due to the fluid and dynamic combat, with flashing actions and sharp animations, it doesn’t get repetitive and stale. The plethora of psychic and RPG elements also helps in that regard. It is the perfect game for anime fans who want a captivating story and high-octane combat that is easy to learn but continues to expand and never lets the action stop.

Tales of Symphonia

At first glance, the game’s art style leads you to believe that it’s just your run-of-the-mill JRPG, but don’t let that mislead you, as the game has a plot that deals with many taboo topics, which it executes with a sensible amount of tact. The major highlight of the game is the characters that follow series tradition by having a deep back story which affects the game’s core plot in significant ways. Skits are a returning feature that will allow the player to glimpse the characters’ minds and give extra banter between the entire color cast.

The combat this time has been updated to make it more fast-paced, and more importance is placed upon the combos. The Artes system has also been changed to ensure that the combat continues with minimal stops and inventory management, like in the previous games. Mythical Artes are also made more accessible so that every character can access at least some of the powerful end-game abilities, and trust me; you will need them. The game’s difficulty continues to rise directly, playing into the narrative. This results in a game whose world feels alive and lived in, with the side character reacting to significant story beats.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

One Piece has captured many hearts with its captivating story and thoroughly detailed world. But its games have not given the fans the exhilarating experience of being a Straw Hat, well, not until now. With the fourth entry into the Pirate Warriors series, Omega Force has outdone itself by creating a game that truly captures the essence of One Piece. By reiterating the mechanics of the previous games, they have crafted a combat system that perfectly adapts the unique power system of One Piece.

The story is a retelling of the major six arcs of the series, which will provide anime fans the perfect way to catch up on the narrative and re-experience the memorable moments with a first-hand experience. Combat has a new addition in the form of aerial attacks, which not only add a new dimension to the battles but also spice up some returning characters with unique move sets like Sanji. He can now chain multiple attacks in the air until all his enemies are tenderized to perfection. Pirate Warrior 4 is the most enjoyable One-Piece game to date and also a great look into the massive world Eiichiro Oda has created. Also, non-One-Piece fans, do be warned; spoilers lie ahead.

We hope that through this article you will find anime games that you will enjoy. In addition to simply watching the anime in third person, anime games allow you to directly intervene in the world of your favorite anime and experience it as if you were the protagonist. That’s one of the biggest reasons why most anime fans play anime games. If you would like to know about more anime games, please check out the list of best anime games of 2022 voted by anime gamers.

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