9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

With the recent resurgence in the popularity of the Star Wars franchise, the video game aspect of the series had a sort of a revival. At this moment there are more scheduled releases than ever before in addition to a few rumored titles. The projects are being modified to fit the current Video game scene and all of the projects look extremely promising. With a bunch of projects currently in development, which ones should you keep an eye out for. 

If you want to learn more about this topic keep reading the article, since it offers a breakdown of 9 upcoming games that seem the most interesting.

1. Star Wars Hunters

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

This particular game may be the one that will be released the first out of all games on this list. Judging by all of the material released the game is either complete or very close to that stage at this point. 

Despite the fact that there was an initial disappointment after it was announced that the mobile and Nintendo Switch game will be developed by Zinga, nowadays there seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming release. 

This Star Wars project is looking like the overturning point for the company since they were hiring a completely new developing team for this project. Looking at the job listings it would be safe to assume that the studio is aiming to make this game a AAA release.

The listings for the game also made some people assume that the game will eventually allow cross-platform play and be supported on different consoles, which is definitely something to look forward to.

From the released material you could assume that the game will be set up as a competitive third-person shooter game as well as being squad-based.

The game is set after the end of the Galactic Civil war and the players won’t be able to play as any beloved character, but rather as new unknown heroes on an outer rim planet.

To help you visualize the gameplay, think of a game similar to Overwatch. Essentially, the player will most likely have a squad of different leveled heroes which will be used in arena-based objectives.

The game will be free to play and will abandon Zinga’s now well-known pay to win principal used for their mobile releases, however, the studio seems determined to make the game truly free and the only thing the in-game currency will be used is smaller cosmetic items.

2. Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

This particular game is also most likely coming out pretty soon and as a matter of fact, it was already supposed to be released. The original release date was set for sometime in April of 2020. however, it was pushed back with no clear release date which suggests there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the game.

Lego-based Star Wars games have been gaining popularity recently and this addition is certainly something to look forward to. The game will be bigger than any game preceding it since it covers the entire movie series (yes you read that right, all nine movies).

This simply proves that the game will be a delight to play through once it gets released, after all, it will have all the makings of a good game, lots of familiar characters and storylines playing out in a plethora of different environments.

Judging based on the released material it seems like this game is actually very well done and is something to keep an eye out for. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this game is a huge step out from what the previous games were.

The parts of the new game which were featured in the previous games will be completely redesigned. As to oppose the linear setup of the previous releases the Skywalker saga will actually be open-world making it much more interesting for the players.

The open-world concept paired with the way the game is set up makes for a rewarding experience for any player since you get to choose at which point you start the game and the galaxy is recreated at that exact moment in the series, meaning you can visit any part of the galaxy and it will be the way it was in that exact moment in the series.

It also seems like the gameplay has changed a bit with having different modes for different characters. Another welcomed change is the return of the riddles which will gain the player in-game currency used for upgrading the characters and their inventory.

3. Battlefront III

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

For the sequel of this beloved game, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer since it most likely won’t come out earlier than 2023 at the earliest. Despite the fact that the game is a huge hit for EA they made it more than clear that this game won’t come out as soon as some fans hoped for.

The engine that the Battlefront games are run on was developed all the way back in 2015 and while it worked well when the games were initially released, currently the gaming world is in a whole new generation of gaming consoles, which would sadly make the game worst and disappoint many awaiting fans.

This means that the company will have to adjust the engine for a new generation of consoles which will take a long time before the project becomes developed enough for it to be presented t the public.

Another option is that the company will make a completely new game-changing Battlefront from the ground up in order for it to be compatible with the new consoles which are something no one wants to see given the game’s massive popularity.

Although it may not come out as quickly as the other games on this list, the sequel to Battlefront II is something to be on the lookout for. There were rumors that the game was actually not coming at all however there were a few leaks in the meantime confirming that the game is in the works.

4. EA’s Battlefront spin-off

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

Although we may not see Battlefront for a good amount of time, there is something Battlefront-related which may be coming out relatively quickly. From everything we know so far it is safe to assume that the new game is going to be the spin-off of the original game.

Many people speculated that this new game is going to be a continuation of a sort for the single-player game released as a part of the campaign for Battlefront II.

There is a lot of evidence supporting this claim, but the most important bit of information is the fact that motion and voice actors from that specific campaign all posted on their social media, revealing that they were, in fact, recording something while alluding to their last project with EA Studios.

The other released information suggests that this new project will be focusing on the Inferno Squadron. This means that the game could totally be single-player and focused on storytelling. 

This would help EA further develop their Star Wars properties and slowly transition into the single-player releases seeing that they are gaining on popularity again.

This is also supported by the fact that in 2017 during the Battlefront II promotions, a novel of the same name was released following the squadron in question which could be a strong basis for the story of a AAA release game.

5. Jedi Fallen Order II

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

For now, it is safe to assume that the game is coming in 2023 since there is still a lot of work on repurposing the mechanics from the first game Respawn Entertainment will have to do to adapt the game for the next generation of consoles.

In the last scene of Jedi: Fallen Order, Cere and Cal Kestis decide that neither of them can reestablish the Jedi Order, so they burn the Holocron detailing the locations of Force-sensitive youngsters around the galaxy. 

One of several things may happen in the sequel. For starters, a sequel may continue the exploits of the Mantis crew. They may come upon other active Jedi or Force-sensitive youngsters, giving them the opportunity to redeem themselves. 

They couldn’t refuse a second opportunity to head a new Jedi Order since such a chance would be the will of the Force. There is actually a nearly endless amount of possibilities when it comes to the story element of the game.

The game will also most likely include the same game mechanics from the first games since the fans of the game received it so well. Although we will have to wait for the game for a little bit more the released materials make the game look extremely promising.

6. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

In January of this year, we got a confirmation that a Knights of the Old Republic remake was in the works. Aspyr, a well-known port firm, will work on the unannounced Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake and it most likely won’t come put before 2023.

However, many people were thrilled to even from this lone announcement alone, since the original game was so popular. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a BioWare game about a Jedi turned Sith turned whatever-you-want character who lives around 4,000 years before the events of the primary Star Wars film trilogy. 

It’s similar to BioWare’s previous Dragon Age games, only it’s set in the pre-Star Wars era, and instead of using magic, you use the Force to develop your talents and choose between the Dark and Light Sides.

There isn’t much information about the game out there, aside from the information that the remake is actually happening. Given the recent developments in the gaming world, especially the new generation of gaming consoles will most likely cause a need for some serious changes and remakes in the final project. 

Although no one necessarily asked for this, the announcement of the remake got the fans excited because the original game was really good and if the remake follows in its footsteps it will be an extremely entertaining game.

7. Ubisoft Star Wars Open World Project

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

This is another game that was officially announced in January of this year. Ubisoft declared that they are partnering with Massive Entertainment to bring the fans an open world Star Wars game.

Judging from this alone the game should be a good release. Ubisoft is generally known for producing great content and Massiv entertainment has previously worked on the Avatar game, a similar game to what this Star Wars project seems to be aiming for.

One thing to consider is that the announcement came extremely early into the developing process since the game seems to be in the earliest stages of production according to some reports. This means that the game won’t come out until at least 2024.

Despite everything that was said and the long wait time, there is a lot of things to look forward to with this game. Ubisoft appears to be taking this project extremely seriously, hence the early announcement.

Aside from this, there is not a lot of information about this project out there. Although this may be due to the stage of the development it is also most likely tide with the EA’s exclusively deal.

This being said we most likely won’t get any serious updates for a few years to come, however, the dedication the studio and the developer have shown thus far indicates that they truly believe in this game which is why you should be on the lookout for it.

8. Star Wars Mandalorian Game

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

This is another game in the extremely early stages of development. The game most likely would have not been announced publicly (well, it technically still wasn’t announced) if it hadn’t been for the insider who accidentally leaked information about the development of the game.

Since the announcement came so prematurely it is safe to assume that the game has not gone out of the pre-production stage yet. 

After all, Disney has only recently realized how profitable the Mandalorian series truly was which puts any possibility of major previous work done on the game out of question.

Although many fans were delighted by this news the game most likely won’t come out before late 2024 or maybe even early 2025, since the show has to wrap up before the game’s release and the new addition to the film series Rogue Squadron also has to come out before it.

All that being said this is still a release worth looking forward to since it appears that the studio has high hopes for the game. Just keep in mind that we’ll have to be happy with just a few updates for a decent amount of time before we get any actual updates on the game itself.

9. Star Wars: The High Republic

9 Upcoming Star Wars Games

We learned about this game at the same time and from the same source as the Mandalorian game. The game’s existence has been confirmed by the same source, and it’s probable that it’ll be an Xbox exclusive. 

It’s also probable that it’ll be developed by Zenimax Online Studios, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls Online. There is a lot of material being released regarding the High Republic era which is why it is possible that it will also be a story-based game. 

Seeing that the era of the High Republic was the golden era for the Jedi Order the game has huge potential to be extremely interesting and to bring something new to the table which is why you should keep up with it.

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