A Biopic About the Tragic Death of George Floyd is Officially Happening!

A Biopic About the Tragic Death of George Floyd is Officially Happening!

On May 25, 2020, a day that America will certainly remember, a man lost his life in a tragic case of police brutality in Minneapolis. That man’s name was George Floyd. He was suspected of using a counterfeit $20 bill in a store, and when the police came in, they pulled him out of his car and restrained him in a brutal fashion despite the fact that he did not resist nor pose any danger to the officers. Police officer Derek Chauvin held his knee on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, and while Floyd kept pleading that he could not breathe, Chauvin did not move his knee even as the medical technicians arrived and even after Floyd stopped moving altogether. It was later determined that Chauvin, indeed, killed him, and he was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. The other officers involved were also convicted.

You probably remember how Floyd’s death sparked a wave of anti-racism protests in the United States and how the movement was so big that the whole world actually reported on it. Floyd’s death had been just one in a series of racially-biased cases of police brutality at the time, but the wave of dissatisfaction exploded with Floyd’s death, and he became a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement later.

Now, four years after the tragedy, we can confirm that a biopic about George Floyd is officially being made, with Radar Pictures, 8 Queens Film & Media Productions and Night Fox Entertainment producing. The movie is going to be titled Daddy Changed the World and it will be authorized by Floyd’s family, as his daughter, Gianna Floyd, and her mother, Roxie Washington, will be involved with the movie as executive producers.

Gregory R. Anderson (Stomp the Yard) has been hired to write the script that will chronicle Floyd’s life and the movie is still looking for a director, but seeing how it is in very early stages of development, a suitable candidate will certainly be found soon. Ted Field will serve as producer for Radar Pictures, alongside Dr. Kaeita Rankin for 8 Queens and Timothy Christian for Night Fox. The press release described the movie as a “gritty drama of a man and his community thrust into the fiery light of history,” suggesting that Floyd will not be portrayed as a perfect human being or a martyr but rather as a normal, flawed person who was simply wronged in the most tragic way imaginable.

The tragedy of George Floyd is certainly going to be an interesting story, and the movie is certainly going to attract a lot of attention, so we hope that it will be made well and as objective as possible. We will keep you posted about all the upcoming updates, so be sure to keep following us for more!

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