A Holiday Wish List for Cowboy Bebop Fans

A Holiday Wish List for Cowboy Bebop Fans

We love Cowboy Bebop and have been waiting with bated breath for Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation. We lost our minds when Netflix released the show’s opening credits. We may have danced. A lot. 

With the show premiering this week and the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to think of upcoming gifts and we have a feeling quite a few friends on your upcoming holiday lists are as well! So we have compiled a list of our favorite Cowboy Bebop gifts they are sure to love! So grab yourself some noodles and let’s dive right in!

Cowboy Bebop Funko Pops and Action Figures

As a fan of both Cowboy Bebop and collectibles, I highly suggest getting your friend one of these gifts. Funko Pops are adorable. I mean, look at those beady little eyes. And they can be relatively cheap, clocking in at around $15, depending on where you go. Personally, I suggest the Spike and Vicious church scene, but that was is a bit on the pricier side. If your gift receiver is looking for something a bit different, I highly suggest checking out the Megahouse figure for Spike!


A Holiday Wish List for Cowboy Bebop Fans
Artwork by LittleBadWren of Cowboy Bebop on Etsy

Help decorate your Cowboy Bebop fan’s home with some artwork from the show. Personally, I love the minimalistic style of these posters or this poster which features the definition of “feels.” They are perfect for any wall in their home and would make a great addition to their office. Think they might want something a little more unique? I highly suggest checking out this art print on a dictionary page. It is guaranteed to turn some heads!

Cowboy Bebop Series

A Holiday Wish List for Cowboy Bebop Fans
Cowboy Bebop complete box set

I think it’s safe to say that you can find almost any series on a streaming service. But someday, it will fall off and you will have to travel to the ends of the Earth to be able to watch your favorite show. So why not save your friend the trouble and pick them up the complete box set of their favorite show? This special edition features more than just the episodes! You get all kinds of additional special features like interviews with Wendee Lee and the original closing songs for episodes 13 and 26. They will definitely get hours of quality entertainment!

Music, Music, Music

A Holiday Wish List for Cowboy Bebop Fans
Cowboy Bebop Vinyl

If there is one thing that everyone loves about Cowboy Bebop, it is the soundtrack. Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts helped build up the hype for the series through their original music. So what would be better than getting them vinyls or CDs! Aside from the original album, there are so many more to choose from! If full albums aren’t their thing, I suggest putting together a list of a few of their favorite songs from the series. Might I recommend Tank!, Ask DNA, The Real Folk Blues, Goodnight Julia and Gotta Knock a Little Harder.

Cowboy Bebop Clothes

A Holiday Wish List for Cowboy Bebop Fans
Cowboy Bebop Tshirts

Who doesn’t love repping their favorite fandoms? And Cowboy Bebop fans fall right into that category. Are they a fan of Ein? Might we suggest this adorable t-shirt or socks that celebrate him? Or how about a comical picture of the crew? How about one of Spike and Julia? There are tons of shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets and much more out there to enjoy! Stores like Hot Topic and BoxLunch carry tons of fun merchandise they may love!

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