Agatha Harkness Show Changes Title To Coven Of Chaos: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Agatha Harkness is a well-known character from Marvel comics, but after she debuted in WandaVision, this villain instantly became a fan favorite in the MCU. She was portrayed by the amazingly talented, Kathryn Hahn who will be reprising her role in a solo project titled Agatha Harkness: Coven of Chaos. Agatha Harkness: Coven of Chaos was announced as part of Marvel’s Phase 5 at SDCC this Saturday. The series is described as a dark comedy and begins shooting this year for Winter 2023 release. The former title was Agatha: House of Harkness.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the upcoming Disney+ project. In this article, we will write everything there is to know about the possible plot, the people involved with the project, and the filming schedule. So, let’s see why wasn’t it House of Harkness all along?

Agatha Harkness Show Changes Title to Coven of Chaos

This Saturday at SDCC Marvel hosted its panel and announced a lot of exciting projects and details. Among them, there was the announcement of the Agatha Harkness solo project changing its name from Agatha: House of Harkness to Agatha Harkness: Coven of Chaos. The title is a departure from the original one, but the logo still features Agatha’s signature purple-hue magic we have seen on WandaVision.


Marvel’s Agatha: House of Harkness Gets A Release Window

The details about the series are minimal, we can speculate the show will revolve around the charmingly evil witch Agatha. The title change seems to be just semantics, but we can maybe come to the conclusion that Agatha won’t be the only witch on the show, and they definitely won’t be up to no good. Just to be clear, even though coven means multiple witches, there is no sign that Scarlet Witch will return. Elizabeth Olsen previously confirmed that there were no plans to bring her on the project, but that leaves an exciting role open in opposite Hahn.

What We Know So Far

First, let’s remember what we know about Agatha from the comics. She first appeared in Fantastic Four #94 in January 1970. The character was created by legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She was one of the original witches from the Salem witch trials, and she played a role of a friend and enemy to Scarlet Witch in many stories, almost just like in the show. She is known for protecting Franklin Richards as his nanny, he is the son of Reed and Sue Richards. Most recently, she taught the Daughters of Liberty the art of magic.

Now, let’s see what happened to our wicked neighbor in the smash hit series WandaVison. In the end, she was defeated by Wanda and she seemingly got stuck in a mind prison in West View. What’s interesting is that we still don’t know after the end of WandaVison, if this solo project will be maybe a sequel to WandaVision, Agatha’s origin story, or was WandaVision a prequel to Coven of Chaos.

There are little pieces of information we know about the team behind the new Disney+ show. Together with Kathryn Hanh, the head writer Jac Schaeffer is coming back to work on the show. This is very exciting because as we know WandaVision is one of the best recent Marvel projects and one of the most creative series out there. We’re sure he will lead Coven of Chaos in the same direction. Next, a few days ago new information about the production was released, it will begin in January 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia and filming will wrap in May 2023. Some fans were disappointed because the production was supposed to start in October 2022, but nevertheless, the series was confirmed to have a Winter 2023 release date. Well, at least, we don’t have to wait for it until 2024.

There is a lot of reason to be hyped for the new adventures of Agatha Harkness, because the actress who plays her looks like she was made to play this character, especially in a dark comedy like Coven of Chaos. Let’s remember the actress Kathryn Hanh’s performance as Agatha received critical and fan acclaim, she was even nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie at the Emmy’s and Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. And it would be a crime not to mention her hit song, “Agatha All Along,” which won the Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, with songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez taking home the prize.

After SDCC we have an official confirmation that the series will air in Winter 2023, so we should be hyped for more information and maybe even possible plot details being announced soon! And we even don’t have to wait so long, possible revelations can come at Marvel Studios’ D23 presentation on Saturday, September 10.

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