‘Ahsoka’ Season 1 Finale Summary and Ending Explained: Thrawn and Ezra Go Home

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We are now in the final episode of what seems to be just the first season of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, as the events of episode 8 seem to indicate that there will be more in store for our heroes. Of course, that remains to be seen because many things remain unclear about the future of our favorite ‘Ahsoka’ characters.

Nevertheless, episode 8 allowed us to see a lot of action unfolding as Ahsoka and her allies sought to prevent Thrawn from returning to the known galaxy. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in the season 1 finale of the ‘Ahsoka’ series.

Elsbeth’s reward

The final episode of season 1 opened up with Morgan Elsbeth telling Grand Admiral Thrawn that they had already completed the preparations necessary for their trip back to the known galaxy. Nevertheless, Thrawn sent out two TIE Fighters to Ahsoka’s group because he wanted to ensure they would be delayed in their approach. He told Morgan that the Jedi should never be underestimated because he once fell victim to the heroics of none other than Ezra Bridger.

Of course, the Great Mothers were pleased about how Elsbeth succeeded in her efforts to get to Peridea to bring Thrawn back. And that was why they rewarded her with the one thing that she always wanted.

elsbeth blade

Called the Gift of Shadows, the Great Mothers rewarded Morgan Elsbeth by allowing her to become a true Nightsister. The powers of the Great Mothers gave Morgan the same powers that the Nightsisters were known to have. After that, they gave her a katana called the Sword of Talzin, which would be her new weapon against the Jedi.

The truth about Ahsoka and Sabine

Meanwhile, Ahsoka and her friends went to Thrawn’s location while onboarding her Jedi shuttle. As they were making their way, Ezra was seen constructing his own lightsaber using the parts that Huyang had been keeping. They even talked about Kanan Jarrus, whom Huyang was quite familiar with because he was the one who was responsible for teaching him how to construct a lightsaber. After realizing that Ezra used to be Kanan’s apprentice, Huyang gave him an emitter that was similar to the one that Kanan used on his lightsaber.

Shortly after that, Ezra asked Huyang what happened between Ahsoka and Sabine. That was when Huyang revealed that there was a falling out in the past because Ahsoka thought that Sabine was training to be a Jedi for the wrong reasons after the Purge of Mandalore. Nevertheless, Ahsoka and Sabine had a moment outside the ship as the master told her apprentice that she had decided to stick with her and her decisions, just like how Anakin always stood by her and her decisions in the past.

ahsoka sabine

However, in the middle of their moment, the TIE Fighters that Thrawn sent after them attacked and damaged the ship’s stabilizers. Ahsoka and Ezra worked together to keep the ship from crushing the Noti under it. Meanwhile, Sabine tried to fix the ship but resorted to overloading the thrusters so she could take out the TIE Fighters with a frontal tackle assault. While they could destroy the TIE Fighters, the Jedi shuttle crashed and was too damaged to be used.

The Jedi ground assault

After Thrawn found out about what happened regarding the TIE Fighters, he realized that the Jedi shuttle would have been too damaged. Nevertheless, he prepared his men for a ground assault as he knew that Ahsoka would be bold enough to do that, considering that this was what Anakin would have done.


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Ahsoka and her allies used the Howlers to get to Thrawn’s location. That was when Ezra told them that Thrawn found this place shortly after they got to Peridea and woke up the sleeping Great Mothers. Ezra already knew about this fortress but understood it was too dangerous for him to go alone. But this time, he wasn’t alone.

The Jedi trio survived a bombardment from the Chimaera while they were on their way to the Nightsister fortress. But Thrawn was prepared as he had already asked a battalion of Night Troopers to volunteer for what seemed like a suicide mission against the Jedi.

Of course, the Jedi were prepared well enough to handle the Night Troopers that slowed down their advance. Nevertheless, Thrawn understood that these troopers weren’t supposed to defeat Ahsoka and her allies as they were only meant to slow them down. And that was why he had another backup plan.

great mothers

As soon as the Night Troopers were defeated, the Great Mothers used their Magick to resurrect them from the dead and turn them into Zombie Troopers. Struggling against these zombies not going down, Ahsoka and the others had to run away from them while continuing their advance.

The final stretch

After escaping the zombies, the trio still had their hands full. Thrawn and the others had to board the Chimaera because they needed to depart immediately. However, Thrawn told Morgan Elsbeth that she needed to stay behind so that she could slow them down. Morgan understood what needed to be done, but she was doing it not for the Empire but for Dathomir.

Morgan was there to block Ahsoka and her allies. But instead of taking her on as a trio, Ahsoka made this into a one-on-one fight because Ezra and Sabine needed to advance further to stop Thrawn. Meanwhile, Ezra and Sabine took on two armored Night Troopers on the rooftop of the Nightsister fortress.

ahsoka vs elsbeth 1

The problem was that Morgan had become strong enough to hold her own against Ahsoka. While Ezra and Sabine were able to defeat the armored troopers after Sabine finally learned how to use the power of the Force, the zombies caught up with Ahsoka and forced her to retreat up to the fortress.


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Ezra and Sabine had another problem because the Chimaera had already launched. But Sabine told Ezra to use the Force to jump and that she would also use the Force to push him so that he would reach the ship. The duo succeeded in doing so, but Sabine hesitated to make the same jump because Ahsoka was in trouble. She needed to choose between helping Ezra or saving her master.

Ahsoka and Sabine are stranded

Ahsoka had her hands full with Elsbeth and the zombies attacking her simultaneously. Morgan told her that she would die alone, and that was when Sabine arrived to tell her that Ahsoka was not alone. Sabine handled the zombies, and Ahsoka defeated and killed Morgan Elsbeth once and for all.

Still outnumbered, the duo had to jump off the fortress as Huyang was there to catch them using Ahsoka’s shuttle. They tried their best to catch up to the Chimaera, which had already left the planet and was about to jump into hyperspace.

Thrawn opened a communications channel to commend Ahsoka for her efforts. He also revealed that he could read her movements because he was familiar with Anakin Skywalker’s own method of doing things. Thrawn gloated by telling Ahsoka that it was a shame that they never met face-to-face as the Chimaera left Peridea using the Eye of Sion.

thrawn gloat

This meant that Ahsoka and Sabine were stranded on Peridea. However, Ezra was already onboard the Chimaera and used a classic Ezra Bridger maneuver by impersonating one of the troopers so that he could hide in plain sight.

Going home

While Ahsoka and Sabine failed to stop home and were stranded on Peridea, they were able to accomplish their mission of bringing Ezra Bridger back to the known galaxy, where Thrawn was seen approaching Dathomir, which was going to be his base of operations.

Meanwhile, an Imperial shuttle was seen approaching Home One, and Hera and her men were wondering who was bold enough to be on that shuttle. A Night Trooper stepped out of the shuttle while the New Republic officers were prepared to attack. However, Chopper could use his sensors to realize that this was a familiar person.

When Chopper excitedly approached, the trooper removed his helmet to reveal that he was Ezra. An emotional Hera was happy to see her friend after nearly a decade. This was a sweet reunion involving two of the main characters of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ especially considering that Ezra’s master was Hera’s beloved.


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Elsewhere, Ahsoka and Sabine returned to the planet to live together with the Noti. Ahsoka, however, heard the cry of a familiar bird as she looked at it with a hopeful disposition. And there’s a good chance that this bird was the same one we met in ‘Rebels.’

What’s next?

As the episode ended, we saw the next chapter in the characters’ lives. Thrawn and Ezra were back where they wanted to be. Meanwhile, Shin Hati met up with the bandits of Peridea and was seemingly ready to join their ranks. Of course, Baylan followed his own path by continuing his search for the power he was looking for, as a statue of the Father could be seen behind him.

While they may have failed to stop Thrawn and return home, Ahsoka and Sabine were happy enough that they were able to bring Ezra back. Ashoka told Sabine that Ezra was where he needed to be and that they were also where they needed to be. This opens up the possibility that Ahsoka understood that they still had work to do on Peridea, especially with Baylan and Shin still on that planet.

As the episode ended, Sabine sensed a presence that she couldn’t see, only for Ahsoka to look at the same presence to realize what or who this was. The season ended with Anakin’s Force Ghost watching over his apprentice as there were still many things in store for Ahsoka.

anakin force ghost

We know that Baylan’s story is not yet over and that he is still searching for a powerful entity that could possibly give him the power to return to the beginning to end the cycle of death and destruction associated with the Jedi Order. As such, there’s a good chance that Ahsoka and Sabine will meet him again in the future, as Baylan will likely have a new actor. And if that’s the case, whatever this power on Peridea is could be their ticket out of that planet.

So, from how episode 8 ended, there seems to be a good reason to believe that ‘Ahsoka’ will have a second season. It doesn’t seem likely that the events involving Ahsoka, Sabine, Baylan, and Shin will be covered in the Mando-verse movie. That’s why it is likely that there will be a second season that will wrap up the storylines of those characters.

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