Akutami’s Protagonist Makes a Surprising Cameo in ‘Nightwing’ #113, and We Love It!

Akutami's Protagonist Makes a Surprising Cameo in 'Nightwing' #113 That We Absolutely Love!

In some of our earlier texts, we have written how it is not uncommon for American comics to make manga and anime references, nor is it uncommon for Japanese manga and anime to make Western comic references. We also know that one of the most popular Japanese reference-makers is Gege Akutami, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, which is filled with pop-culture references, some of which we have already written about here. Not that long ago, we talked about the Chainsaw Man reference in Deadpool, but it seems that DC Comics is following in the footsteps of Marvel, but not with simple reference – they included a whole cameo!

In case you’re not fully up-to-date with DC’s recent issues, the comic book we are talking about is Nightwing #113 (June 2024), and there is a Jujutsu Kaisen cameo in the comic book, as the manga’s protagonist, Yuji Itadori, appears in the comic book carrying a pizza!

The cameo was a short one, and you need to put some effort into noticing it, which is why we are bringing you the panel for you to find Wald… Yuji for yourselves. Here is the panel:

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We don’t know how Itadori ended up in Bludhaven, but Marv & George’s Pizza seems to be a place that even the Jujutsu Kaisen protagonist doesn’t want to miss. Based on the crowd in front of the store, the place is extremely popular, which is why it is great that the authors included this cameo.

This doesn’t mean that a crossover is in the works, but if the respective authors plan on creating something, DC’s Batman-related stories would be a great setting for Akutami’s characters and vice versa. This is the whole story as far as Yuji is concerned – a very short yet sweet appearance that made all the fans very happy!

Overall, the Itadori cameo in Nightwing is certainly quite interesting and, as we’ve said above, a reference that made all fans happy, despite the fact that we haven’t really expected it! Having said all of this, be sure to keep following us for more news and updates here on Anime Horizon!

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