‘Alien’ Is Coming Back by ‘Evil Dead’ Director Fede Alvarez


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What a surprise we have got on our hands. The Alien franchise is finally coming back, under the guidance of Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez. Ridley Scott and 20th Century Studios are also connected with the movie, as reported by THR.

Even though not a lot is known about the movie, it is said that this will be a standalone movie and not connected to any of the Alien movies we have seen so far.

20th Century Studios is making the movie, under their agreement with Disney to make at least 10 movies per year for Disney-owned streaming platform, Hulu. Two additional movies they are currently working on are David Bruckner directed Hellraiser reimagining and Predator prequel Prey. Both should come out this year.


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Ridley Scott started the Alien franchise with the original classic in 1979. He then returned for prequels Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, and now he is back again, but this time to produce the movie through his Scott Free banner.

Here is what we know about the movie:

“Alvarez’s take is being kept deep inside the studio’s chest, but sources describe it as unconnected to the previous movies.”

According to THR‘s sources,

“Alvarez is a rabid fan of the franchise and casually pitched a take to Scott many years ago. The idea remained implanted in Scott’s brain until late last year when he called Alvarez out of the blue and asked him if the younger filmmaker was still up for it. Alvarez didn’t have to be asked twice.”

20th Century division president Steve Asbell said of Alvarez’s strong pitch,

It was just a really good story with a bunch of characters you haven’t seen before.”

So it looks like we won’t be seeing Sigourney Weaver as Ripley again, but also non of the Prometheus/Covenant characters, such as Michael Fassbender’s David for example.

In case you haven’t heard, there is also an Alien TV show in the works for FX, and you can read more about it on our link. It looks like it will be set much earlier and possibly on Earth!

The Alien franchise currently counts six movies, Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien3 (1992), Alien Resurrection (1997), and prequel movies Prometheus (2012) and Alien: Covenant (2017). You can find the best order of watching Alien movies here.

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