‘Alien’ Series Star Excited About Unique, Fresh Direction for the Franchise

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The upcoming ‘Alien’ TV series is creating a buzz, and David Rysdahl, a star in the show, is adding to the excitement. He promises the series will offer a fresh, thrilling experience while respecting the original Alien movie’s essence. This is not a simple copy of the old story; it’s something new and different.

Noah Hawley, the showrunner, is known for his work on ‘Fargo.’ He’s using the same approach for ‘Alien.’ He looks at the core of the original movie – its themes, worldview, and intent – and then reimagines it. This means we can expect the series to feel familiar but also surprisingly new.

Rysdahl emphasizes that this new series will not just replay the old plot points. Instead, it will explore the Alien universe in a novel way, maintaining the excitement and thrill of the original. Fans of the franchise should be ready for an adventure that feels both new and familiar.

Hawley himself is no stranger to handling big sci-fi names. He mentions the unique identities of ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘Alien,’ and his excitement in taking on the challenge of adding to the Alien universe. He’s not intimidated but rather sees it as a chance to create something special.


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His method is all about capturing the feelings the original movies evoked and then weaving those into a different story. This approach worked for ‘Fargo,’ and he’s confident it will work for ‘Alien’ too. Hawley’s focus isn’t on copying elements from the original movie. Instead, he’s interested in recreating the emotions and experiences it offers.

This TV series is a big deal for ‘Alien’ fans and newcomers alike. It’s a chance to dive into a world that’s both familiar and uncharted. With Hawley at the helm and Rysdahl’s enthusiasm, the series is shaping up to be a unique addition to the ‘Alien’ legacy. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to its 2025 debut.

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