Alien: The FX series will have nothing to do with the character of Ellen Ripley

Alien: The FX series will have nothing to do with the character of Ellen Ripley

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At the very end of last year, the first TV series set in Alien space was officially announced! The series is being developed for FX / Hulu, with Noah Hawley (Fargo, Legion) as the showrunner and executive producer. Not much has been known about the plot of the series so far. We only learned so much that it is located in the near future, that it takes place on Earth, and that a terrifying and exciting ride awaits us that should delight us. But now we finally got some more information, which Hawley revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Hawley thus revealed that the Alien series is his next project, and that he has already written the “first two screenplays”, which will go into production next spring. He also pointed out that the project requires a lot of special effects. As for the story, Hawley stressed that the series will not take place or touch on the cult character Ellen Ripley. “She’s one of the greatest characters of all time and I think her story is told pretty perfectly, and I don’t want to mess with her.”

He also touched on how the series will actually differ from the movies, primarily by setting. The story is set on Earth, while film stories so far have been of a fairly ‘closed’ type, set inside a spaceship or prison. Hawley wanted to explore the idea of ​​what happens if you can’t ‘keep’ Aliene. He also revealed that the story will also address inequality at some level.

“That way you will see what happens when the inequality we are fighting now is not resolved. If we as a society cannot figure out how to support and spread the wealth, then what will happen to us? There’s that great shit Sigourney Weaver where he tells Paul Reiser, “I don’t know what kind of mountain it is. At least they won’t fuck each other because of the percentage.”

It is high time that face-huggers and xenomorphs plunged their claws into the high-ranking executives responsible for sending so many employees to their downfall. How does that seem to you as a basis for a story?

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