All 17 ‘Ahsoka’ Season 1 Finale Easter Eggs Explained

ahsoka sabine

The first season of ‘Ahsoka’ has just concluded, and we aren’t sure whether or not there will be a second season. But one of the things that we are sure of is that the story will continue in the future. The other thing that we are quite sure of is that the finale of season 1 allowed us to see a lot of different references and easter eggs.

Episode 8 of ‘Ahsoka’ was a fun ride and a fitting conclusion to arguably the best true Star Wars series we’ve seen in a long time. In that regard, we noticed many different things in the middle of all of the action and excitement. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the easter eggs we saw in the finale of ‘Ahsoka’ season 1.

1. Thrawn’s defeat to Ezra in ‘Rebels’

Thrawn Purrgil Ezra

The final episode of season 1 of ‘Ahsoka’ opened up with Thrawn and Morgan Elsbeth discussing that they were ready to depart Peridea because preparations were already complete. Thrawn sent two TIE Fighters to slow down Ahsoka and her group, only for Elsbeth to question the Grand Admiral as she believed that the Jedi could no longer do anything to stop them.


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Thrawn told Elsbeth that she should never underestimate the Jedi. The reason why Thrawn understood this was the fact that he admitted that he fell victim to the heroics of a single Jedi in the past. He was obviously referring to how Ezra Bridger defeated him at the end of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ when he caused their exile to Peridea.

2. Blade/Sword of Talzin

elsbeth blade 1

After the conversation between Thrawn and Elsbeth, the Great Mothers told Morgan that they would reward her with the Gift of Shadows. They were ready to accept her into the sisterhood and to complete her transformation as a true Nightsister of Dathomir. Morgan wholeheartedly accepted this new chapter in her life.

Just after becoming a true Nightsister, Morgan received the Blade of Talzin from the Great Mothers, who summoned the sword from nowhere. Note that this was the same sword Mother Talzin used in her duel with Mace Windu in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars.’ And Elsbeth became the sword’s new owner.

3. Chronicles of Narnia episode title

part eight

The title of episode 8 of ‘Ahsoka’ clearly references ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ whose first book is entitled ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.’ Of course, episode 8 of ‘Ahsoka’ takes a similar approach in its title, which is ‘The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord.’

The Jedi that the title is referencing are the trio of Jedi who were looking to stop Thrawn. The Witch is obviously Morgan Elsbeth, who served as the final boss of the season. And the Warlord is none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn.

4. Narrow lightsabers

blue lightsaber ezra bridger

After the title was revealed, the scene shifted to the Jedi shuttle as Ezra was seen constructing a new lightsaber with Huyang’s parts in his workshop. Ezra complained that the lightsaber emitter that Huyang gave him was too narrow.

It is possible that this was a joke referencing the lightsabers featured in ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ The lightsabers in that animated series were quite narrow as they paid homage to the narrow lightsabers used in ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.’ And considering that he used narrow lightsabers in the animated series, Ezra is now looking to use a broader one.


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5. Ezra’s new lightsaber is similar to Kanan’s

ezra kanan lightsaber

Ezra and Huyang may have had a small argument regarding Ezra’s methods of constructing a lightsaber. However, the mood changed after Huyang learned that Kanan Jarrus/Caleb Dume was Ezra’s master. Huyang remembers Kanan, just like how he remembered every youngling who had to learn how to construct a lightsaber under him.

That was when Huyang gave Ezra a lightsaber emitter that was the same as the one that Kanan had on his lightsaber. This allowed him to construct a lightsaber that mirrors the very same one that Kanan had before he died.

6. The Purge of Mandalore

Bombing of Mandalore

Ezra completed the construction of his lightsaber and tried to show it off to Sabine, only for him to notice that she had already left. That was when he asked Huyang what happened between Ahsoka and Sabine. The droid responded that the Purge of Mandalore changed their dynamic because Ahsoka thought that Sabine was trying to be a Jedi for the wrong reasons.

The Purge of Mandalore decimated the entire planet of Mandalore and killed most of the Mandalorians, including Sabine’s entire family. And Ahsoka was afraid that Sabine’s anger and sadness would take over her and bring her to the dark side if she continued to train to be a Jedi.

7. “I do”

yoda old

Sabine and Ahsoka had a moment together outside the ship while trying to patch things up. After Ahsoka told Sabine that she would always be there to support her in her decisions and stand by her side, just like Anakin, she asked her apprentice if she had been keeping up with her training.

At first, Sabine said, “I try,” only for her to correct herself by saying, “I do.” This is obviously a homage to Jedi Master Yoda’s famous quote, which is “Do or do not. There is no try.” Ahsoka likely taught Sabine the importance of those wise words from Yoda, who likely told her and the other younglings the same line back in the Jedi Temple.

8. Mini Holdo Maneuver

holdo maneuver

The Holdo Maneuver was Vice Admiral Holdo’s move to destroy the First Order’s Supremacy ship. What happened was that she used a Mon Calamari cruiser’s hyperspace drive to destroy the Supremacy by basically crashing into it. And we saw a similar maneuver used in the season 1 finale of ‘Ahsoka.’


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Thrawn’s TIE Fighters damaged the Jedi shuttle’s stabilizers. To defeat the TIE Fighters in one attack, Sabine overloaded the thrusters and decided to ram the shuttle’s wings through the TIE Fighters to destroy them. While Sabine survived, the ship was damaged and could not operate for a while.

9. Waking up the witches

great mothers

Before assaulting the Nightsister fortress to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn from departing Peridea, Ezra told Sabine and Ahsoka that Thrawn first found this place sometime after they got to that planet. He also said that Thrawn woke up the Great Mothers he allied with.

This suggests that the Great Mothers and probably all the other Nightsisters were asleep for a long time while waiting for someone to take them to the known galaxy. This explains how the Great Mothers could stay alive long, even after most of the Nightsisters had already migrated to Dathomir.

10. “There is no negotiating with Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice”

aggressive negotiations

As Ahsoka and her allies approached the Nightsister fortress, Thrawn ordered his men to use the Chimaera’s turbolasers to open fire on Ahsoka. He even said that there was no negotiating with Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice. And he was obviously referring to the fact that Anakin wasn’t good with negotiations.

Thrawn was referencing Anakin’s penchant for “aggressive negotiations,” which are negotiations using a lightsaber. The Grand Admiral understood that Anakin never tried to negotiate his way out of conflict, and that was why Ahsoka might be the same, as well as he knew that the apprentice would have inherited the master’s penchant for aggressive negotiations.

11. Zombie troopers

zombie troopers

Ahsoka and company could enter the Nightsister fortress, where a battalion of Night Troopers greeted them that they handily defeated. However, this was where the Great Mothers’ Dark Magick came into play as they resurrected the dead Night Troopers.

Of course, we know that Nightsister Magick can turn the dead into the undead. But the fact that the Great Mothers turned Night Troopers into zombies is a homage to the ‘Death Troopers’ Star Wars Legends novel released in 2009.

12. Ezra’s identity theft

ezra trooper

Ezra was able to board the Chimaera with the help of Sabine. He also beat up two Night Troopers who were trying to stop him from boarding. As the Chimaera was about to leave Peridea, a Night Trooper radioed the unconscious Night Trooper that they were sending reinforcements.


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That was when Ezra pulled off his classic identity theft move, wherein he assumed the identity of an enemy to escape trouble. He replied to the Night Trooper while using the unconscious trooper’s callsign. And this was how he could move around Thrawn’s ship undetected while they were trying to escape Peridea.

13. Thrawn references ‘Thrawn: Alliances’

thrawn gloat

The Chimaera was already in the space outside Peridea as Ahsoka’s ship was trying to catch up to it. Thrawn opened a communication line to talk to Ahsoka as he addressed the fact that he could read all of her moves because he was familiar with Anakin Skywalker.

Thrawn was referencing the ‘Thrawn: Alliances’ novel, which detailed how Thrawn and Anakin first met during the Clone Wars and how Darth Vader worked with the Grand Admiral during the Imperial era. He was gloating that he knew all of Anakin’s moves and, by extension, all of Ahsoka’s.

14. Morai’s live-action debut


Ahsoka and Sabine failed to catch up to Thrawn, so they returned to Peridea, rejoining the Noti caravan. While they were visibly upset that they were stuck on Peridea, there was still hope as Ahsoka saw a familiar bird we hadn’t seen in a while.

Morai, a bird whom Ahsoka often encountered in ‘Rebels,’ appeared on Peridea. Ahsoka smiled upon seeing it. Some rumors point to the possibility that Morai is the Daughter herself or, at the very least, an avatar of the Daughter. And Ahsoka probably believed that there was still hope after she saw Morai.

15. Mortis trio statues

mortis gods statues

Both Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati were absent during the meat of the season 1 finale. However, the final few scenes of the episode allowed us to see what they had been up to while Ahsoka and her allies tried to find a way to stop Thrawn. Shin met up with the marauders of Peridea. Meanwhile, her master continued his own journey.

Baylan was seen overlooking a view while a statue of the Father was behind him. The camera panned out, and the statues of the Mortis trio could be seen. Although the head of the Daughter’s statue was missing, it was clear that this was supposed to be the Mortis trio or the Mortis Gods. It is possible that the power that Baylan is looking for in Peridea has a connection with the Mortis trio.

16. Ezra’s identity theft part 2

ezra home 1

In the final few scenes of the episode, Thrawn and the Great Mothers decided to go to Dathomir, which would likely be the base of operations of the Grand Admiral. But what about Ezra? Well, he found a way out once more.

An Imperial shuttle could be seen docking inside Home One as Hera and her officers were prepared to confront the person inside the shuttle. A Night Trooper came out, but Chopper quickly recognized who this person was. Ezra was obviously impersonating the Night Trooper that he knocked out, as this was another classic move on his part. He stole the Night Trooper’s identity so that he could escape the Chimaera and meet up with Hera.

17. Anakin Force Ghost

anakin force ghost

During the final scene of the season, Ahsoka and Sabine are camping with the Noti. They talked about how they needed to be where they needed to be. Sabine was looking into the distance and told Ahsoka that she thought she saw something, only for the apprentice to dismiss it.

Ahsoka tried to look at the same thing that Sabine saw, and she had a good idea of what Sabine might have seen. As the episode ended, Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost appeared as he was watching over both Ahsoka and Sabine from the afterlife.

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