All Confirmed & Rumored Cast Members of ‘Knives Out 3’: Netflix Confirms All-Star Cast, Several Big Names Rumored as Well

All Confirmed & Rumored Cast Members of 'Knives Out 3': Netflix Confirms First Names, Several Big Names Rumored as Well

When the original Knives Out movie was released by Lionsgate in 2019, the whodunnit starring Daniel Craig as the southern P.E. Benoit Blanc, was either doomed to fail or become a smashing success. The latter happened, as the ensemble cast full of big names made Knives Out one of the best films of the year, ending up with numerous accolades and nominations, with many going so far as to claim that it had revived the whodunnit genre. The sequel, Glass Onion, was also well-received, but more because of its political and social messages than for the plot, which was more or less feeble and unworthy of the original. But, what is important is that Glass Onion also featured an ensemble cast, and it seems that the upcoming third movie, Wake Up Dead Man, will also follow in these footsteps.

Several casting rumors have appeared today and they indicate that the third movie is also going to be filled with some names. Two names have already been confirmed as newcomers to the series, while two major names are currently in talks to appear in the movie. Here, you will be able to see all the confirmed and rumored names.

Confirmed cast members

In this section, we are going to list all the actors and actresses who have been confirmed to appear in the movie:

Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc

image 2024 05 28 151334587

The only returning cast member from the series is Daniel Craig, who will once again portray the main detective in the series. We don’t know anything about his case in Wake Up Dead Man, but we hope that he will once again play the main role like in the first movie, and not that parody that he played in the second movie, which was an insult to all great whodunnit detectives.

Josh O’Connor as TBD

image 2024 05 28 151548993

Initially rumored, Josh O’Connor was the first new cast member confirmed for the upcoming movie. Nothing is known about his role as of the time of writing, and since Knives Out movies feature an ensemble cast, it is impossible to predict just how big his role is going to be. O’Connor has previously worked with Netflix on The Crown, and has been enjoying success since the recent premiere of the Challengers movie.

Cailee Spaeny as TBD

image 2024 05 28 151741824

Also initially rumored and paired with O’Connor, Cailee Spaeny was soon confirmed to be the second newcomer in the upcoming movie. Like in O’Connor’s case, it is absolutely impossible to predict anything about her role at this moment. She has recently appeared in Civil War, as well as Priscilla. Other prior credits include Bad Times at the El Royale and On the Basis of Sex.

Andrew Scott as TBD

image 2024 05 29 131742313

Andrew Scott has been confirmed as a main cast member a day after O’Connor and Spaeny, which means that the third movie is really aiming high, as Scott is definitely a big name. The Fleabag and Sherlock star has become a brand name in recent years, earning praise for his performance as Ripley in Netflix’s series, as well as for his main role in the tragic drama All of Us Strangers, where he starred alongside Paul Mescal. He is undoubtedly a great addition and we are looking forward to seeing him in the movie.

Kerry Washington as TBD

image 2024 05 30 135645772

After the initial wave of confirmations, more and more names started coming out and Kerry Washington’s name was among them. At this time, though, nothing is known about her role in the movie, but we are quite certain that the actress will have a big role in the upcoming movie. We just hope that Johnson doesn’t do with her character what he did with Janelle Monáe’s character in the second movie, as that would just be lazy writing. In any case, we are going to update this section as soon as more information is available about her role in the movie.

Glenn Close as TBD

image 2024 05 30 135952888

And it’s not just the quantity of newcomers that is surprising, it is their quality as well. Glenn Close is a major Hollywood name, and everyone who knows the legendary actress will know just how good and versatile she is. There is no doubt that her presence in the movie will make it so much better, so we’re quite happy to see her join the cast of the movie. Her role is actually one of the more exciting ones for us, so we are looking forward to more information about her character.

Jeremy Renner as TBD

Jeremy Renner Ready To Gear Up For His Return To The MCU Ill Be Ready

While we’re on the topic of new confirmed faces, Jeremy Renner is the latest adition to the official cast of the third movie. The Marvel veteran, who also played in the Oscar-winning movie The Hurt Locker, is certainly an interesting addition, following in the footsteps of Chris Evans and Edward Norton from the two previous movies. We know nothing about his role, but we just hope that his inclusion doesn’t mean anything for the rumors surrounding Tom Hardy, as the two seem like potential candidates for a similar type of role, so here’s to Renner being a separate character.

Mila Kunis as TBD

luckiest girl alive netflix mila kunis

Anothew new name is Mila Kunis, a famous name that will brilliantly fit in the already star-filled cast. Mila Kunis is a brand name who started out in the That 70s Show, but quickly evolved and built a career for herself regardless of the success of the popular sitcom. Her character is also an enigma at this moment, but just like we said above about Renner, it is possible that she took the role that was initially meant for Lindsey Lohan, according to the rumors, but we’ll just have to wait and see to confirm that.

Josh Brolin as TBD

image 2024 06 03 195317208

The newest addition to the cast of Knives Out 3 is Josh Brolin, and at this point, we cannot help but ask ourselves – how many A-list stars can actually fit in one movie? Brolin is definitely a great addition, an actor who has proven his worth many times, and an actor whose talent and versatility will fit in great with the overall tone of Johnson’s movies. As of the time of writing, though, we know absolutely nothing about his role in the movie, so we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Thomas Haden Church as TBD

image 2024 06 05 151356306

Oh, yes, another day, another Knives Out 3 casting confirmation, as it seems. After Brolin, Thomas Haden Church is the next star confirmed to appear in the movie. Known to Spider-Man fans, Haden Church has appeared in numerous other projects, and based on his previous acting profile, he might appear in a villainous role in the movie, although this is just our assumption since we have no clue about the plot of the upcoming movie. But, nevertheless, we are quite happy to hear about this, as Haden Church will definitely be a great addition to the film.

Daryl McCormack as TBD

image 2024 06 10 163046788

Another name that has been confirmed to be part of the cast is that of Daryl McCormack, a young Irish actor best known for his roles in the BBC series Peaky Blinders (2019–2022), the film Pixie (2020), and the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters (2022). As is the case with all the other confirmed names on this list, we don’t know anything about McCormack’s role in the upcoming movie, so we cannot provide you with any precise details, but we hope that a press release will reveal more information in the near future, as to not keep us on the edge so much.

Rumored cast members

In this section, we are going to list all the rumored actors and actresses who have been listed as possibly appearing in the movie:

Tom Hardy

image 2024 05 28 151953670

Tom Hardy is a name that does not need any further introduction, as the actor has already established himself as a brand name. He has appeared in Venom, Peaky Blinders, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Legend, Mad Max: Fury Road, and so forth… the list is really long. Hardy’s involvement has not been confirmed yet, but he is supposedly in talks to appear in the movie, so we are crossing our fingers that he moves to the previous section soon.

Lindsay Lohan

image 2024 05 28 152156819

Lindsay Lohan is a former child star who is today, sadly, better known for her turbulent private life than her actual career. She has been out of the spotlight for years and is now trying to get back to Hollywood, and we honestly wish her luck. Younger fans might not know her, but she is in talks to appear in the movie as well, so they might get the chance to meet her as well.

Hugh Grant as Phillip

image 2024 05 28 152241606

This one hasn’t really been discussed anywhere officially or unofficially, but if anyone deserves to make a comeback, it is Hugh Grant, even if only for a cameo appearance like in Glass Onion. The revelation that Blanc was gay might have angered some fans, but Phillip was one of the best and most effective parts of the whole movie, so we would love to see him back in some capacity again.


As we have said, this article is going to be regularly updated as new casting information comes to light. This article was last updated on May 28, 2024, with all the accurate information as of that date.

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