Amazon’s the Lord of the Rings TV Show has Finished Filming Its First Season!

Amazon’s the Lord of the Rings TV Show has Finished Filming Its First Season!

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Amazon’s high-budget the Lord of the Rings TV series has apparently finished filming in New Zealand. According to a post by director JA Bayonne on Instagram on December 22, he took “the last photo in New Zealand… and I can’t wait to get back.” The director was constantly going to social media to provide updates on how production has progressed with different milestones.

Although New Zealand is almost the only place on this planet that has not been greatly affected by COVID-19, it has still caused several production delays.

The country had extremely strict rules on who could enter it and in July the government-approved “border exemptions” for certain international film and TV productions.

In late 2019, the show reportedly finished filming the first two episodes. Given that it was announced before the broadcast that the series would get at least two seasons, it is very likely that Bayona will return to New Zealand sooner rather than later.

As for the content of the series itself, it will be set in the Second Age, and that is the 3441-year period that covered major events such as the minting of the Rings of Power, including One Ring; the war of Sauron, the beginning of the Ringwraiths and when Numenor Island sank into the ocean.

Also, during the Second Age, the fairy city of Rivendell developed and a great battle in which humans, elves, and dwarves fought together against Sauron for the first time.

Speaking of ancient history, it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since director Peter Jackson and his team brought Tolkein’s fantasy epic to the big screen – a task previously thought impossible to film. No firm release date has been set for Bayonne’s version, but here’s hoping we won’t have to wait another 20 years.

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