‘And Just Like That’ Documentary Has Been Announced

The revival of “Sex and the City”, And Just Like That, will have its own documentary and it will be out today on the HBO Max platform.

The end of the first season of And Just Like That comes out this Thursday. A second season hasn’t been confirmed, although the rumors and the sequence of the story tell us that the answer is affirmative. The fans have loved this reboot of the iconic tv show from the 90s and to their joy, the new documentary of the series will be available today as well.

The project will arrive at HBO’s streaming service the same day of the season finale, it is produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, Alison Benson, Lydia Tenaglia, and directed by Fabian Constant. It will show unpublished images of the filming, behind scenes, and exclusive interviews with the crew that will let us know all the process of bringing back this beloved show.

It will include all the details by the hands of the stars and producers of And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Cristin David, who expressed their excitement about the realization of this project since the beginning, after 23 years after the release of Sex and the City.

We will also know the point of view from screenwriters, stylists, producers, and every single person that has been part of the creation of the reboot, even when many people didn’t have faith in the project. But it has resulted in success, especially for millennial fans. HBO Max is currently on the most prominent streaming services, with great shows as Gossip Girl (which is also a reboot from the original) and DC’s Peacemaker.

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And Just Like That follows the story of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in their very complicated 50s era, after growing up as friends for many years. However, the show was involved in polemic after the absence of the iconic Samantha (Kim Catrall). Even when is a direct reboot from Sex and the City, we knew different characters like Sima, Lisa, and Nya, who become friends with our 3 stars.

This documentary was a surprise for everyone, and it shows how the team made up to create a whole new concept of the show we knew 20 years ago, and bring a modern story with touches of nostalgia and sensibility, becoming a very special project for old and new generations.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer below. And remember that the last episode of the season as well as the documentary will be out today.

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