Anime Movie ‘A Few Moments of Cheers’ Releases Main Trailer Ahead of June Premiere!

Anime Movie 'A Few Moments of Cheers' Releases Main Trailer Ahead of June Premiere!

And while anime is mostly associated with hand-drawn characters and designs (although the use of CGI has been increasing), from time to time, we come across a fully CGI anime project and they don’t turn out that bad, whatever you might think. One such project is the upcoming A Few Moments of Cheers anime film, which is going to be an original story based on music and music production. The movie has set a June 14, 2024 release date and ahead of the premiere, a new trailer and visual have been released.

The plot of the movie will revolve around music and video production. The focus of the story will be on high schooler Kanata Asaya (Natsuki Hanae), who is completely hooked on music video production, and a teacher, Yuu Orie (Mariya Ise, singing voice Kei Sugawara), who had wanted to become a musician in her youth. When Asaya hears Orie perform on the street, she wants to make a video for her, but Orie has already given up on music.

The movie was announced back in January, when it was confirmed that it would be made using the 3DCG software Blender. Hurray! and 100studio are co-producing the movie, with Hurray! providing director Popurika, assistant director Ohajiki, and art director Magotsuki. This will be Hurray!’s first feature anime movie, after a series of shorts that have been produced earlier. As promised, here is the main trailer for the upcoming movie:

Aside from a new look into what the movie is going to be about, the trailer also includes a preview of the theme song, “CYAN” by Frederic, which is going to be the central musical number of the movie. As stated, here is the main poster for the movie as well, which also confirms the release date:

image 2024 04 03 145015061

This is all that is known about the movie at this moment, but with the premiere drawing closer, we won’t have to wait too long for the movie. Until then, be sure to keep following us for more updates and news.

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