Anime shows to watch on Crunchyroll if you loved Squid Game

Platinum End Poster

The Korean series Squid Game, which sees people in debt compete to win a fortune by taking part in a series of deadly childhood games, is fast becoming a cult hit. The lose or die element means that the players will do anything to win, and this makes for compelling viewing.

It’s not a new premise, however. Anime is known for its last person standing survival stories and if you love Squid Game and have already plowed through all 9 episodes, you’ll enjoy these anime shows available to view on Crunchyroll:

Platinum End

Mirai Kakeshashi is a young man on the brink of suicide who is saved by an angel and urged to go into battle to become the next God because the current one is set to retire. From the creators of Death Note and adapted from the hit manga series that has sold more than 4.5 million copies, the series follows Mirai as he faces 12 competitors to land the biggest job in the universe.


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As in Squid Game, the players here will do anything to win, even if that means killing off all the other contestants. Mirai however, wants victory without murdering his opponents. Can it be done?  A new episode will be simulcast on Crunchyroll every week from today (October 7th). 

Mirai Nikki

12 individuals face a battle royale in a bid to become the heir to Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. One of the contestants is a boy called Yukiteru, who has a diary that predicts the future. The problem is, the 11 he must beat, also own powerful future diaries and it is up to Yukiteru to find them and kill them in order to survive.

He teams up with Yuno Gasai, a girl who has a crush on him and promises to keep him safe, but is there more to her than meets the eye? 

Magical Girl Raising Project

This anime is based on the Japanese light novel series about a viral social media game that grants female players a 1 in 10,000 chance of developing magical powers. As the winners go about protecting people and doing good deeds, they are awarded Magical Candles each week.

However, when the administrators decide to cull the number of magical girls, they find themselves pitted in a brutal battle against one another. 

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

This is the story of 12 warriors, each with the name and qualities of Chinese zodiac animals, who are forced to battle in a tournament that takes place every 12 years. During the fight, they must swallow a poisoned jewel, which will kill them after a period of 12 hours.


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Only one will survive to make a wish, and that’s whoever retrieves all the other crystals from the warriors before the deadline. With 11 set to perish, the battle is ferocious and survival is fought for by any means necessary. 

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