DC Comics Dives into Anime: ‘Suicide Squad’ Isekai’s Exciting New Trailer

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DC Comics is taking a bold step into the anime world with its latest project, ‘Suicide Squad Isekai.’ Collaborating with Wit Studio, known for hits like ‘Spy x Family’ and ‘Attack on Titan,’ they’re bringing a fresh twist to the familiar faces of the Suicide Squad. Fans got a glimpse of this unique blend in the recently released trailer, teasing a mix of action and new adventures.

The team’s lineup for this anime venture includes iconic characters like Harley Quinn, voiced by Anna Nagase, and Deadshot, brought to life by Reigo Yamaguchi. Joining them are King Shark, voiced by Subaru Kimura, Clayface with Jun Fukuyama’s voice, and Peacemaker, portrayed by Takehito Koyasu. Notably, Amanda Waller leads this eclectic group once more.

This version of the Suicide Squad finds them in an Isekai, a popular genre in Japanese anime meaning ‘another world.’ In this world, full of swords and magic, they face dragons and orcs, adding a fantastical element to their mission. The stakes are high, with bombs in their skulls set to detonate if they fail, adding a thrilling edge to their journey.

Warner Bros describes this series as a collision of “the most maddening worlds” in an “epic and violent fantasy.” It promises to be a standout addition to both the DC Universe and the anime genre. The creative team includes talents like Akira Amano on character design and a writing duo of Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara, ensuring a rich and engaging story.


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Slated for a global release in 2024, Suicide Squad Isekai has already created a buzz with its intriguing premise and high-profile voice cast. Tomoyasu Hotei is set to perform the opening theme, adding another layer of anticipation for anime and comic book fans alike.

In this daring crossover, the Suicide Squad faces a new kind of challenge. Can they conquer the perils of this Isekai realm? This series is shaping up to be a must-watch, promising a thrilling ride for viewers. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with DC’s most notorious antiheroes.

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