Anime VA Inori Minase, the voice of Rem in ‘Re:Zero’, Supposedly Involved in a Controversy Over Slandering Her Colleagues

Anime VA Inori Minase, the voice of Rem in 'Re:Zero', Involved in a Controversy Over Slandering Her Colleagues

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is one of the most popular isekai series in the world, and the sisters Rem and Ram have become so popular that they are often used as anime mascots in general. Rem, the blue-haired sister, is voiced by popular Japanese voice actress Inori Minase, who has seemingly gotten herself in trouble over a fake fan account that she used to slander her colleagues. We have to state immediately that we’re just reporting this news and that this has not been officially confirmed or denied by the actress herself, as she has yet to officially comment on the issue.

This article is based on reports that come from Japan and Minase’s Japanese fans, so please consider it a rumor more than anything else. After the disclaimer, we can now continue with the story. So, what happened?

Well, it all started on April 3, 2024, when Minase’s official Twitter (now X) account quote tweeted a fan’s picture of her with the caption “An idiot who can’t read Minase’s warning.” This, of course, is not a proper manner of communication and it immediately raised a storm, but the Tweet was soon deleted and replaced with another official Tweet in which her representatives claimed that their account had been hacked. Here is the Tweet (in Japanese):

In short, the message confirms the possibility of an intrusion by a third party and confirms that an earlier Tweet was deleted, also apologizing for any potential damage done, as the staff is investigating any other possible issues that might have appeared.

Now, this in itself wouldn’t have been an issue – such incidents tend to happen, and they generally don’t cause many long-term issues for the person involved. But something else happened. Namely, on that same day, another account was deactivated. The account’s name was Doyakonga and the account was a dedicated Minase fan account that praised the actress while, at the same time, defamed her colleagues of similar popularity by revealing highly personal information about them.

This led fans to the conclusion that Doyakonga was actually Minase and that the deleted Tweet from her official account was actually supposed to appear on the Doyakonga account, but someone mixed it up by accident and this caused a problem. Doyakonga had too much insider info and was supposedly on several of Minase’s live shows, although her official fan club restricted fan attendance to only one live show per fan.

All of this fueled speculation that Minase herself is actually Doyakonga, which would seriously compromise her career, as these things are not really accepted in the anime industry. As one Twitter (now X) user summed it up, Minase basically shot herself in the leg in this incident:

As said, nothing has been officially confirmed at this point and the VA has yet to comment on the incident, but there are too many supposed coincidences here, so it will be interesting to see how this story develops. Be sure to keep following us for all the updates!

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