Anthony Mackie as Captain America on The Big Screen

Anthony Mackie as Captain America on the big screen

Anthony Mackie has finally and officially reached an agreement with Marvel and Disney for the fourth film about Captain America, in which Sam Wilson will take over the Captain’s Shield and on the big movie screens.

Malcolm Spellman is working on a screenplay with Dalan Musson, who worked with him on the Disney + series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige will produce the film.

No other details about the upcoming project have been revealed so we don’t know if Sebastian Stan, who played Winter Soldier in the films and series, will be with Mackie in the new film about Captain America.

For now, it is also not known who should take the director’s baton, nor has it been revealed when we could watch the film in cinemas.

Mackie starred Falcon in five Marvel films, and at the end of Avengers: The End, Captain America (Chris Evans) himself chose him as his successor. It was only in his series that Falcon decided to take on that role, and he will obviously stay in it for a while longer.

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