Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Electronic Arts launched Apex Legends in 2019 without any prior announcements and took the gaming world by storm. At that time, the game had only six characters with plenty of gameplay bugs. But since then, more and more characters entered the Apex Legends. Here is the complete Apex Legends characters guide.

How Many Apex Characters Are There?

There are 18 Apex characters in total, each with its own background story and reason to join the Apex arena. The background story has nothing to do with the gameplay. It does give the characters a personality of their own.

Apex Legends Characters at a Glance

All these characters have different abilities that make the multiplayer gameplay fun. In 2021 Apex legends contain the following characters. 

  • Bangalore is a 38 years old professional soldier. All her family members were part of the military on the planet Gridiron. The Bangalore edition of Apex Legends is a DLC for the base game.
  • Bloodhound is a tracker and a hunter based on the planet Talos. This character is a combination of nature and technology.
  • Caustic was born on the planet Gaea. All his abilities rely on the Nox, a toxic gas developed by him.
  • Crypto AKA Tae Joon Park is a surveillance expert. His hero abilities help him to hack into systems and use gadgets to knock the enemies down.
  • Fuse or Walter Fitzroy is an explosive expert with abilities like motherload, knuckle cluster, and grenadier.
  • Gibraltar is a 30 years old character with defensive abilities. His homeworld is known as Solace.
  • Horizon is a 37 years old astrophysicist with the gadgets to manipulate gravity.  
  • Lifeline is the iconic character that is the face of apex legends. Lifeline is one of the favorite characters of the famous gamer Shroud. Lifeline heals teammates with all her hero abilities.
  • Loba brings elegance to the fighting arena. Her abilities let teammates find loot and reach difficult locations.
  • Mirage came from the homeworld of Solace with his technology of holograms to fool enemies. Mirage uses holo decoys to confuse the enemies.
  • Octane hails from the planet Psamathe. He is also called the high-speed daredevil with the abilities like stim and launchpad.
  • Pathfinder uses a grappling hook and zipline gun to help his teammates move to high positions.
  • Rampart is the youngest Apex Legends character. Her real name is Ramya Parekh.
  • Revenant’s story starts in the homeworld of Solace. Hammond Robotics transformed him into his current form. No one knows about his past, and no one even knows his name.
  • Seer is the latest addition to the character list of the Apex Legends. Introduced in the tenth season, Seer is available for 12,000 legend tokens.
  • Valkyrie is suited for players who like to fly. She uses jetpacks to take off and bombard her enemies with eth missiles.
  • Wattson is one of the oldest characters in the Apex Legends. She gets introduced in the second season of the game. Twelve thousand legend tokens are required to unlock this character.
  • Wraith is an Interdimensional Skirmisher from the planet Typhon. Wraith is available free in the basic version of the game.

Apex Legends Character Guide with Hero Abilities

Apex Legends game character guide is not complete without discussing the background story of each character with their hero abilities. The abilities rely on their character arcs. These stories try to bind the avid gamer to the game through these characters. 

Let us have a look at these character guides with their hero abilities one by one. All these character stories and powers are present on the official EA website.

1. Bangalore

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Born on the planet Gridiron, Anita William or Bangalore is a professional soldier. Her backstory starts with her military family. All her siblings and her parents served in the army on the planet Gridiron.

This 38-year-old soldier got saved by her brother Jackson. He helped her to survive a spaceship crash. With no money or resources, she got stuck on the planet of the Syndicate. So, in the end, she keeps fighting in the games to collect money and return to her home planet. Will she ever go back? Only the future can tell.

For now, she is a free character in Apex legends that comes with the base game. With more than 22 legendary skins, this character is used by many. Players take the role of this character in all the game modes: trios, arena, duos, and ranked leagues.

The black recording of the crashed spaceship was released, and there were some ambiguities about the whole incident. The one thing this added was the lore of Bangalore and her brother. 

This event happened in the year 2715. Therefore we get the info of the time in which the Apex games take place.

Hero Abilities

Banglore hero abilities comprise dedicated weapons and passive abilities. All the characters in the game have an extra flair for contribution with their added abilities. Although some might argue about the most liked character due to these abilities, most character abilities balance things out.

Smoke Launcher: Ability to fire smoke grenades during the fight. Both the attacking and defensive aspects of the game get support from this ability. Players can use this ability to hide from the enemies or ambush the enemies in the smoke.

Double Time: Double time is Bangalore’s passive ability to move fast through the bullet fire. Not fast like the Flash, but considerably accelerated in the Apex universe.

Rolling Thunder: Rolling Thunder is an airstrike with multiple six seconds delayed explosions. For these missiles to strike, Bangalore shoots a flare towards the sky. The strike happens in front of the player. Missiles drop on the ground, and after six seconds, they explode to kill the enemies in the surroundings.

2. Bloodhound

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Bloodhound is a tracker and a hunter. Their story begins on the New Dawn industrial plant on the planet Talos. After their parents got killed in an accident, their Uncle Porter took Bloodhound in and trained to become a tracker hunter.

If there is any character closest to nature, it is this character. They grew in a village where technology was not prominent. That made them perfect for enhancing their natural ability, which later got combined with the technology.

This combination of technology and instincts made Bloodhound perfect for the technological tracker. The first application of this combination was when Bloodhound downed a Goliath to free villagers from a life of fear.

Hero Abilities

Bloodhound’s hero abilities let them track and hunt the enemies by sneaking upon them. 

Beast of the Hunt: Sense enhancer to move faster and highlight the hidden enemies. 30% increase in speed for 30 seconds.

Eye of the Allfather: Ability to highlight enemies even through obstacles and smoke. Up to 75 meters get scanned with this ability.

Tracker: When used, the footprints of the other players get revealed. This power can track the enemy footprints that are ninety seconds old.

3. Caustic

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

I don’t concern myself with the ambitions of insects, says Caustic, the man with a hazard suit on to create mayhem with toxic gases. 

Caustic or Alexander Nox is a scientist turned fighter. Nox created his toxic gases to get rid of pests that infested the crops of the outlands. Caustic worked in the Humbert labs, which manufactured harmful gases to kill pests.

This 48-year-old Gaea inhabitant took on fighting to perform his experiments with gases on live subjects, his enemies.

Caustic is available in champion sedition of Apex legends. The other way to get this character is by using digital currency inside the game.

Hero Abilities

All the Caustic hero abilities use Nox as the primary ingredient to get an advantage over the enemies.

Nox gas Grenade: Caustic’s ultimate ability is to throw gas grenades to cover a large area and make enemies helpless. Health damage is dealt on the enemies till the gas remains in the air. This effect lasts for fifteen seconds.

Nox vision: Nox vision gives caustic the ability to see through the gas. This passive ability comes with the immunity to Nox gas, either produced by the same Nox or the other team Nox.

Nox gas Trap: Nox gas trap is 13 seconds long tactical ability to harm the enemies. This power works by triggering the canisters of gas when shot at or triggered by a movement.

4. Crypto

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Crypto is a surveillance expert whose real name is Tae Joon Park. He is equipped with surveillance drones to spy on his opponent on the battlefield. His backstory gives him the purpose of finding people who farmed him.

He worked for a mercenary syndicate as a computer engineer with his sister Mila. According to the official page of the EA games, Crypto has the algorithm to predict the outcomes of all the games in Apex legends. 

His homeworld is called Gaea. 

Crypto is not available in the base game but can be purchased using digital currency. 

Hero Abilities

As Crypto is a legend well versed in technology, so are his abilities. Primarily he is dependent on his drones for various extra powers to get an edge over the opponents. These abilities help his teammates come out on top in any situation.

Drone EMP: Crypto can fire Electromagnetic pulse from his drone to inflict damage on the enemies and destroy their traps. This power requires three minutes to recharge and can inflict fifty points of shield damage.

Neurolink: Neurolink establishes a link between the surveillance drone and Crypto or his teammates. All the team members can see what the drone camera captures and use the info to better the enemies.

Surveillance Drone: Crypto deploys the surveillance drone up to a distance of 200 meters. If destroyed, a new drone is available to fly in 40 seconds.

5. Fuse

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Walter Fitzroy goes by the name of Fuse inside the legends games. Fuse because he is an expert in explosives. Fuse got introduced in the apex games in the eight seasons.


Fuse started his combat journey from the Bonecage fights on the home planet Salvo. When he got all the glory in the arenas, he chose to enter the higher battleground of Apex Legends.

Hero Abilities

The motherload: Launches a cluster bomb knocking the enemies down with a surprise.

Grenadier: This ability gets enhanced with the use of grenades. Fuse has the advantage of range, speed, and accuracy with the grenades with this passive ability. 

Knuckle cluster: Knuckle cluster creates a circle of fire around a targeted area.

6. Gibraltar

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Gibraltar is a sumo wrestler-like giant and is one of the original legends. 

With the samurai ponytail and looks of a sumo wrestler. 

This character is straight out of Japanese stories. 

This character has some of the best outfits in the game. The detail of each dress is better than the last. All the skins have one thing in common: the arm shield on the left hand. 

Especially the lost destiny outfit makes the character appear like the next-level samurai. 


Makoa Gibraltar hails from the place called Solace. He is 30 years old and learned the lesson of the importance of saving others after his dad lost his arm while saving him after a motorcycle accident.


Gibraltar has made saving the people his primary occupation in the legendary games. Therefore all his abilities make him the master legend of defensive tactics. He acts as a second layer of protection for all the teammates.

Hero Abilities

As mentioned above, all the hero abilities possessed by Gibraltar protect the lives of his team members. All the abilities: passive, tactical, and ultimate can help any squad better the enemy squad.

Gun shield: Gun shield is the ability to deploy an energy shield while firing the gun. This passive ability works well in case of fire from multiple directions.

Defensive bombardment: An ultimate ability that saves him and his teammates by putting the enemy on backfoot by bombarding the enemy grounds

Dome of protection: Dome is another tactical ability to block attacks with the energy shield in the shape of a dome. 

7. Horizon

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Horizon got introduced in the Apex universe in the seventh season. She was introduced as the gravity manipulator who is an astrophysicist. Astrophysics is an expensive branch of science and astrophysicists are rare. She is not in the base game but is only available through purchase.

Her trademark high-tech suit gives her the ability to manipulate gravity.


Dr. Mary Somers A.K.A horizon is an a 37 years old astrophysicist who traveled to a black hole to find Branthium. She was unsuccessful as her companion betrayed her. Due to time dilation near the black hole, more than eighty years passed, due to which she lost her son.

The motivation of this character is redundant like few other characters. Horizon is fighting in the legendary games to earn money. And to make a time machine to get back in time to unite with the son. She comes from the planet Psamathe.

Hero Abilities

Spacewalk: Horizon’s passive ability lets her jump from great heights without taking fall damage.

Gravity lift: This is a tactical ability that lets Horizon be defensive and offensive in different situations. This ability gets used to lift the enemies off their feet into the air and make them lose control of their ground mobility. She can lift her teammate to move to higher ground and structures. She can supersize her enemies by lifting them and shooting them mid-air.

Black Hole: The ability to create a black that sucks enemies in. While doing so, she can inflict a substantial amount of damage to the enemy.

8. Lifeline

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

With more than sixty skins in the game, Lifeline is one of the most popular and oldest characters in the Apex arena. Her iconic equipment and hovering drone can be seen in any match anywhere online in the Apex legends universe.

Lifeline is a combat medic with the motto: Never quit, That’s how you win. Her backstory is one of a highly motivated person who chose to become a medic to negate the damage caused by her family.

In the apex legends game arena, she acts as a medic for her teammates. She deploys her drone available to heal anyone in need.

Hero Abilities

Care package: Care package is an ultimate ability to call a medical pod comprising defensive gear.

Combat medic: This passive ability enables Lifeline to heal the teammate and fight the enemies in the same instance.

DOC heal drone: This is a tactical ability that makes Lifeline the Lifeline of Apex games. Her DOC drone keeps healing the teammates in the background without compromising mobility.

9. Loba

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Loba is all about elegance and finding loot. Her real name is Loba Andrade, and her homeworld is unknown. Her story starts with her family getting killed by the legend of the Revenant. Her life took a turn when she put her hand on the teleportation bracelet that lets her arrive at the nearby hidden treasure.

Loba entered the arena of the Apex games by following Revenant. Her only motive in life is to kill Revenant, and there cannot be a better place than the gaming arena.

Loba is available in the champions edition for free. In the base edition, this character got induced in the arena in eth season 5. To unlock Loba in the base game with 12 thousand legend tokens.

Hero Abilities

Eye of quality: Different levels of epic and legendary loot get highlighted with the Eye of quality. The range of this power is 110+ meters.

Black market boutique: With a charge time of two minutes, the Black market boutique is Loba’s ultimate ability. Loba and her friends can use teleportation to find nearby loot locations. This power has one disadvantage that enemies can use the same teleportation channel as well.

Burglar’s best friend: Loba’s tactical ability lets her use her bracelet to teleport to a nearby landing point. The cooldown time for this power is thirty seconds. Her bracelet allows her to reach the places where players cannot go with other abilities.

10. Mirage

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Mirage is truly a holographic trickster who uses decoys to trick enemies. You will see him coming but more than once. Mirage uses the Holo-Pilot technology developed by his mother to fool enemies. 

He worked with his mother to improve this technology and worked as a bartender at the same time. After some time, he joined the Apex games. He is thirty years old and known as Elliott Witt on the homeworld of Solace.

Hero Abilities

All of the hero abilities of Mirage depend on Holo technology. 

Now you see me: Power to cloak while healing the teammates and respawning.

Life of the party: Decoys joining the real Mirage to fool their enemies.

Psyche out: Single holographic decoy gets deployed to get better of the enemies.

11. Octane

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Octane is one of the most powerful characters in the game. It makes this character one of the most popular amongst gamers. Octane is called a high-speed daredevil because of the ability to move fast and do insane things with a launchpad. 

Octavio Silva was born on the planet Psamathe, where he became a stunt man. His father was the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals. The character has iconic features of metallic legs because he blew his legs while getting a speed boost from a grenade to win a race.

Octane is always high on adrenaline, and he was finding regular stunts boring. Therefore he decided to get in the arena of the Apex legends. Here it has become one of the major goes to his enemies.

Hero Abilities

Stim: Ability to move faster by using the health points.

Swift mend: This is one of the most advantageous hero abilities in the whole game; the ability to heal over time automatically. The reason why gamers like this character so much.

Launchpad: Jumping pad for Octane and his teammates to jump in the air for the attack from above.

12. Pathfinder

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Pathfinder is a smiley-faced robot with a slim stature. He is a Mobile robotic versatile entity designed to perform scouting operations. He wants to get popular in the Apex games so that he can find his creator.

Hero Abilities

Insider knowledge: Pathfinder has a passive ability that lets him predict the next circle with utmost accuracy.

Zipline gun: Like grappling hooks, ziplines are permanent. Even his teammates can use these ziplines to move to higher grounds.

Grappling hook: Just like the grappling hook in Call Of Duty, pathfinder can use this tactical ability to reach high spots or run away from the danger.

13. Rampart

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Ramya Parekh is a modder in the homeworld of Gaea. She is one of the youngest legends with an eye for fighting gear. She was a business owner until she got robbed and turned into a fighter in the games.

Hero Abilities

Emplaced minigun: Her ultimate ability deployed a machine gun usable by teammates.

Modded loader Increases the power of LMG and miniguns.

Amped cover: Deploys a shield like that in Call Of Duty. This one is an advanced version with the ability to amp the bullets and block the enemy attack.

14. Revenant

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

If the legendary icon from the pirates of the Caribbean can come to life, I suppose it would look like Revenant. Revenant is a robot with a human mind, an android with a pirate bandana. The iconic brown color of his outfit with the matching metallic paint makes him a badass killer.

Developers took this opportunity to make some epic outfits for this character. There are nearly sixty outfits, both free and paid, available for use with Revenant.


According to his bio, Revenant is a synthetic nightmare for his enemies. His story starts in the homeworld of Solace. Hammond Robotics transformed him into his current form. No one knows about his past, and no one even knows his name.

A programming glitch enabled him to see his reality, after which he started to fight to kill his enemies.

Hero Abilities

Revenant is a sleek and lightweight robot, and his abilities are on those traits.

Stalker: Revenant has the passive ability to climb and jump without much effort. This ability makes him perfect for sneaking on the enemies for a surprise attack. After all, he is a sneaky android.

Death totem: Returns the player to the location of the totem when health gets reduced to zero.

Silence: Silence is a tactical ability that makes enemies helpless, enabling them to use their powers while inflicting damage.

15. Seer

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Seer is the latest addition to the character list of the Apex Legends. Introduced in the tenth season, Seer is available for 12,000 legend tokens. His real name is Obi Edolasim, and his homeworld is called Boreas.

Seer got introduced in season 10 of Apex legends.


His backstory starts on the planet Boreas where he was a cursed child from birth. His abilities were apparent in the Arena games, which led him to the Apex games.

Hero Abilities

Heart seeker: Ability to heart the heartbeats of the foes.

Exhibit: Ultimate ability to locate the enemy position with the help of drones.

Focus of attention: Tactical ability to spook the enemies with the micro drone blasts.

16. Valkyrie

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Valkyrie’s real name is Kairi Imahara. Her homeworld center is called Angelia. She is thirty years old, and her abilities are Skyward Dive, Missile Swarm, and VTOL Jets. Although this character is the winged avenger, she looks opposite to Nebula in the marvel universe. 

Her dad is not a Titan, and she is not an android. She is laced with metallic wings to fly and with a missile launcher to vaporize the enemies. With her iconic yellow outfit and reflector glasses, she looks like the human version of bumblebee.

Valkyrie has nearly fifty compatible outfits. Many of her skins make her look like an anime character.


Valkyrie lost her father in early childhood and lived on a ship. She started to loot cargos at night and became an outlaw. 

Kuben Blisk, her father’s killer, was her target for many years. After shooting Blisk, she entered the legend games with his card.

Hero Abilities

Valkyrie’s hero abilities make her the death from above.

Missile swarm: Shoots a swarm of missiles from her launchers. These missiles get shot both whiles from the ground or in the air.

VTOL jets: VTOL jet packs give her the ability to rise above the level of enemies and give her the advantage of height. A combination of the jetpacks and missiles gives her an upper hand against her enemies.

Skyward dive: To cover a long distance in less time, she can launch herself and dive towards the target location.

17. Wattson

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Wattson is one of the oldest characters in the Apex Legends. She was introduced in the second season of the game. Twelve thousand legend tokens are required to unlock this character. Another way to get this character is to buy the champion edition of the game.

Like Gibraltar and Revenant, her homeworld is Solace. Her basic outfit combines tactical pants with a mountaineering jacket. 

Natalie Paquette is an electrical engineer who created the Modified Containment Ring. This character becomes very important in the Apex legends storyline as she is the one who built the arena where all the battles take place. After her father died, she started to take part in the fights in the legendary games.

Hero Abilities

Although this character is one of the oldest in the game. But, the hero’s abilities make her less famous in the Apex community. She has all the hero abilities in the defensive lines.

Spark of genius: Spark of genius is her passive ability that helps to boost her ultimate hero ability, the Pylon.

Interception pylon: Interception pylon is her ultimate ability. All her powers get based on electricity manipulation; the interception pylon destroys anything that comes to harm her.

Perimeter security: Perimeter security put an electric fence to protect her from the incoming group of enemies. This ability gets used in small spaces for tactical moves. Best for gates and narrow passages.

18. Wraith 

Apex Legends Characters Guide with Hero Abilities (2021 Update)

Character Guide

Wraith is another legend from the homeworld of Typhon. Her real name is Renee Blasey, and her mission is to know about her past through the bouts in the Apex games.

Hero Abilities

Dimensional rift: Ability to open portals and link different locations for the team to use.

Voices from the void: A passive ability to get a warning when the enemy is approaching.

Into the void: This ability helps in damage reduction by moving fast through the void spaces.

Who Is the Most Used Apex Character?

The most used players in the Apex legends are Octane, Pathfinder, Lifeline, and Wraith. Although, the creators have done their best to make all the characters equal. But still, these characters give tactical and passive advantages to the gamers.

Who Is the Least Used Apex Character?

Revenant and Crypto both are the least used characters in the legends arena. Both these characters get shit by the disadvantage of weak hero abilities and weak storyline. All the Apex Legends have something unique and fascinating either in their abilities and backstory. It is just that some are more popular than others.

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