AppleTV+ Proposes Paying Actors Based on How Popular Their Works Are? Other Streaming Services Looking into New Models as Well

AppleTV+ Proposes Paying Actors Based on How Popular Their Works Are? Other Streaming Services Looking into New Models as Well

We know that streaming services have become a major player in the entertainment industry. Cinemas are down, as people like to watch movies and series from the comfort of their own homes – plus, it’s cheaper. On the other hand, the income that the streaming services are gaining is amazing, and while the numbers are not always made public, it is quite obvious that the cash is flowing in. Of course, with such numbers, it means that the crew and, especially, cast members are also getting paid a lot, and while we can argue that they could be paid even more, it seems that some streaming services are looking into changing the current payment model in the industry.

A report published by Bloomberg confirms that the major streaming services – including Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and others – are looking into finding a new model to pay their actors, and Apple has proposed a model based on how well an actor’s movie or series does.

Before we explain the model, we have to state that this is just an idea and that the plan could change in the end, especially after intensive discussions with talent representatives, who are certainly going to fight for their share of the cake as well. As per Bloomberg, this is the plan:

Talent would receive bonuses based on a points system; the size of the bonuses will be based on three criteria: the number of people who signed up for Apple TV+ to watch, how much time they spent viewing and the cost of the program relative to the size of its audience. People with one of the top three shows could share up to $10.5 million for a season.

Source: Bloomberg

Apple is still looking for feedback, and we’ll see how this turns out, but it seems that some changes are certainly going to be made, especially since both Amazon and Netflix are looking into their own models but have yet to come up with a proper plan. The whole trend of paying everyone equally and upfront started with Netflix, which was the first major streaming player in order to increase its popularity, the streaming service offered large sums of money upfront, treating every project as a success, regardless of the fact that it might end up being a flop.

While most talent representatives believe that this is just a way for the services to save money, i.e., to increase their own profits, some see it as a form of progress that might lead to more quality programming. The logic is relatively sound: if someone gets paid $X regardless of the success of the project, they won’t have the incentive to do better that much, as the money remains the same. On top of that, equal pay means less work for some and more work for others, regardless of their input. But, if an actor would only get a basic $Y salary with promised bonuses, then they would probably want to do better to earn those bonuses, right?

Of course, this plan is far from ideal, and we can already see many ways how this could be manipulated or how some people could be pressured into accepting bad deals, but the plan is not final, and it is not set in stone, so we are definitely going to keep following this story and will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

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