Are Kit and Jade More Than Friends in Willow? Relationship Explained

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When the Willow series was announced, one of the things that we already knew was the fact that Kit and Jade were two of the young women that would be important to the storyline. Of course, we saw them quite early in the series as they were both introduced as very close friends that trained in the use of the sword together. However, as the series progressed, it became clear that they weren’t just best friends. So, are Kit and Jade more than friends in Willow?

Kit and Jade are more than friends in Willow. In fact, they are actually lovers that may actually be hiding their relationship from the rest of the kingdom due to the expectations that were on their shoulders. Jade also made it clear that she wanted to be where Kit was when the princess was sent on a mission to rescue Airk.

The relationship between Kit and Jade is somewhat of a new wrinkle to the entire fantasy adventure genre, as we hardly see any lesbian relationships between characters in fantasy adventure movies and series. This kind of breaks the mold but adds a touch of inclusivity to the story because we all know that Willow has always been quite inclusive. Now, let’s talk more about the relationship between Kit and Jade.

Are Kit And Jade More Than Friends?

Back when it was announced that the 1988 Willow movie was going to get a sequel story in the form of the Willow series that just got released on Disney+ on November 30, 2022, what we learned was that the storyline was going to focus heavily on three young women. Two of those young women are Kit and Jade. Kit was announced as the daughter of Sorsha and a princess. Meanwhile, Jade was announced as an aspiring knight that served as the protector of Kit.

In that regard, we already knew that both Kit and Jade were close as they were mentioned to be the best of friends. They basically grew up together, even though Kit was raised as a princess while Jade was raised as a common girl that was always around knights and other swordsmen. And we already knew that they were going to embark on a grand quest involving the rescue of Kit’s brother Airk.

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Of course, when the Willow series was released, we saw early on how close Kit and Jade were as they were seen training and sparring with their swords. Kit bested Jade quite handily, but what was clear was that they seemed to be very close. And this closeness didn’t seem to be something that was confined within the realms of friendship because there was some sort of romantic tension between the two young ladies.

As the storyline progressed, it was made clear that these women were seemingly inseparable. When Kit was told to attend an evening event that involved her possible betrothal to the prince of another kingdom, she asked Jade to come with her, only to get rejected because Jade said that she never really liked wearing gowns. In that regard, it was made clear that Jade was not a feminine lady as she favored swordplay.


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Another interesting scene that we saw was the fact that Jade was told that she was going to have to leave the kingdom because she had been accepted as an apprentice knight. However, while Jade was happy about being able to achieve her dream of becoming a knight, she seemed sad about the fact that she needed to leave Kit. And she even said that she didn’t want to leave Kit during a time when she needed her most.

Of course, Jade was talking about the fact that Kit was set to marry a prince named Graydon Hastur, who she wasn’t particularly interested in. And when Jade told Kit that she was going to be a knight, the princess was visibly distraught as she lashed out at Graydon and told her about the story of a princess that once joined a tournament in secret so that she could decide who she wanted to marry.

This meant that Kit was someone who wanted to decide her own fate as she didn’t want to marry Graydon or quite possibly any other prince. It was becoming clear that the one person she wanted to be with was Jade, as she lashed out when she learned that her companion was going to leave her during a time when she needed her most. And that meant that they were not just mere friends but were something more than friends.

What Is The Relationship Between Kit And Jade?

After Kit lashed out at Graydon and was scolded by Sorsha for insulting the prince that she was supposed to marry, the princess decided to sneak out of the kingdom. That’s because she was always someone who wanted to decide her own fate, as she even wanted to go beyond the reach of the barrier that kept their kingdom safe. She wanted to live a life of adventure instead of living a life that confined her within the walls of a castle as a princess that had a fate that had already been decided for her by her mother.

Kit decided to sneak into Jade’s room during the night to tell her what she was planning on doing. Before leaving, the two shared a passionate kiss, as it was clear that both Kit and Jade were in love with one another and were in a romantic relationship.

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However, it was never revealed whether or not this relationship was something that Kit and Jade hid in secret. Of course, it can be implied that this was a secret relationship because Kit was supposed to be a princess that had a lot of responsibilities and expectations on her shoulders. After all, Sorsha wouldn’t have decided to make her marry a prince from another kingdom if she knew that Kit’s relationship with Jade was public.


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In that regard, the relationship between these two women breaks one of the common molds that we see in fantasy adventure storylines, as we rarely see same-sex representation in this movie and series genre. The fact that both Kit and Jade are in love with one another is a welcome addition to a genre that historically follows heterosexual relationships.

But, of course, Willow has always been inclusive. As far back as the 1988 movie, the fact that Lucasfilm decided to cast Warwick Davis, a little person, as the central and titular character of the film allowed it to be quite inclusive as it broke the common mold. In that regard, introducing two central characters as lesbian lovers isn’t uncharacteristic of the Willow storyline, as it has always been quite inclusive.

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