Are the Mysterious White-Robed Characters Good or Evil in The Rings of Power?

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The one thing that we have noticed in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is that the first season is one that is full of mysteries that we cannot even explain ourselves. Sauron himself remains the biggest mystery, but there are also figures that are just as mysterious as the identity of the dark lord. We are talking about the white-robed characters that were looking for the Stranger and attacked the Harfoot caravan. So, are these mysterious white-robed characters good or evil?

It is likely that the white-robed characters are actually evil and are serving Sauron, and that’s why they are looking for the Stranger. However, there is also a possibility that they are not as evil as they may seem, as they may be looking for the Stranger for a bigger purpose, such as to guide him.

There are simply a lot of different enigmas in The Rings of Power, and these mysterious white-robed characters are at the top because we don’t know anything about them based on our knowledge of JRR Tolkien’s writings. As such, it is up to the series to reveal who they are and what they want so that we can judge whether or not they are good or evil.

Are The White-Robed Characters In The Rings Of Power God Or Evil?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has done a fantastic job of keeping us guessing when it comes to the different characters we’ve seen in the series. This list includes the Stranger and even Halbrand, who seems to be an enigma at this point in time because we don’t know a lot about the history of this character.

But while the identity of Sauron still remains the biggest question we have in The Rings of Power, we were once again bombarded with questions when the Mystics, who are the white-robed characters in the series, suddenly appeared and allowed us to wonder who they are and what their purpose is. And it is only right to wonder who these characters are because they seem to be some of the most enigmatic figures we’ve seen in The Rings of Power.

Of course, the identities of these characters are still up in the air, but the one thing that we can probably all guess right now is their allegiance in relation to where they stand in the war. So, are these mysterious white-robed characters in The Rings of Power good or evil?


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At this point, we can make the assumption that these white-robed characters are leaning toward evil. That may not have been obvious during the earlier part of the series when they first appeared because they hardly did anything that would make them look evil other than the fact that the Dweller, who seems to be their leader, has an evil look in her eyes.

But episode 7 of The Rings of Power allowed us to think that they may actually be evil. That can be seen during the scene when Nori told them where the Stranger was headed. After that, the Dweller tried to grab her but was prevented from doing so by Nori’s father, who used a torch to try to scare them off.

Instead of getting scared, the Dweller touched the torch and seemingly absorbed its flames before blowing sparks into the individual caravans of the Harfoots. This act burned the entire caravan and made it difficult for the Harfoots to migrate with their homes, as their carts actually serve as their makeshift homes whenever they are migrating from one part of Middle-Earth to another.

dweller burning

If they weren’t evil, the white-robed Mystics probably wouldn’t have burned the caravan and homes of the harmless Harfoots that couldn’t even do anything to them at all. As such, it is safe to say that these women are most likely evil.

Could These White-Robed Characters Be Working For Sauron?

As mentioned, we believe that the white-robed characters are evil, as they burned the carts of the harmless Harfoots. When it comes to evil in Middle-Earth, we often look at Sauron as the only source of darkness in the world. So, does that mean that these white-robed characters are working for Sauron?

Back in the earlier episodes, Waldreg told Theo that the meteor that they saw in the sky was the sign of Sauron’s return, and that could mean that the white-robed Mystics are actually working for him because they are looking for the Stranger. In fact, these characters bear the very same constellation that the Stranger has been looking for, as constellations are often omens of evil in the world of JRR Tolkien’s Legendarium. Of course, when you look at the staff of the Dweller, it oddly resembles the Eye of Sauron that we became quite familiar with in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings.

Those clues could point to the possibility that they indeed work for Sauron, as they are evil and are looking for the Stranger for the reason that they could also be evil. Of course, there is also the fact that we know that these characters come from Rhûn, which are the lands to the far east of Middle-Earth and have never been the subject of any of Tolkien’s writings.


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In that regard, it is quite possible that, when he was in hiding, Sauron was able to make an alliance with the Easterlings of Rhûn or might have actually convinced them to work under him, as we do know that the Easterlings were allied with Sauron during the War of the Ring. So, if these white-clad characters are actually from Rhûn and are Easterlings, this reinforces the possibility that they have been working for the dark lord and were given the task of looking for the Stranger.

Why Are The White-Robed Characters Looking For The Stranger?

At this point, we really don’t have any real ideas why the white-robed Mystics are looking for the Stranger. But if they are actually working for Sauron, then the possibility is that they were sent west all the way from Rhûn to look for the Stranger so that they could kill him or quite possibly take him captive.

white robed figures

That’s because there is a good chance that the Stranger is actually Gandalf, as there are some clues that point to this possibility. So, if the Stranger is Gandalf, then it is possible that the white-robed figures are looking for him so that they can kill him and prevent him from trying to put a stop to Sauron’s plans. That’s because the Valar sent Maiar in the form of Gandalf and the other Wizards to help the people of Middle-Earth in their struggle against Sauron.

But there is also a good possibility that the Stranger could be Sauron. That means that the white-robed Mystics are looking for him because he is their long-lost master, and they are looking to regroup with him so that they can take over Middle-Earth. Of course, Sauron is also a Maia, and that means that he has the same kind of capabilities that Gandalf has.

Then again, there is an off chance that these white-robed figures are actually good and that they only burned the Harfoot caravan in an attempt to defend themselves. In that regard, if they are good and that the Stranger is either Gandalf or Sauron, then they are looking for him to try to team up with him or to kill him, whichever of the two options apply.

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