Are Wong & Madisynn Together in She-Hulk? Relationship Explained

madisynn and wong

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One of the most hilarious characters in episode 3 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was a party girl named Madisynn, whose role only allowed the episode to become funnier. Of course, it was Madisynn’s dynamics with Wong that made her an even more entertaining character in She-Hulk, as she quickly became close to the Sorcerer Supreme. But are Wong and Madisynn together in She-Hulk?

Wong and Madisynn are not together in She-Hulk. Due to her overly friendly nature as an LA party girl, Madisynn is most likely just “besties” with Wong, who she quickly warmed up to and started calling “Wongers” after she got teleported to Kamar-Taj while the Sorcerer Supreme was watching The Sopranos.

Madisynn was such a refreshing character because she allowed us to see an ordinary person in the middle of a world that has become anything but ordinary. Of course, her humorous enthusiasm and relationship with Wong were some of the best parts of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law thus far. Now, with that said, let’s take a good look at the relationship between Wong and Madisynn.

Are Wong And Madisynn Together In She-Hulk?

Episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law allowed us to see the return of Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme and a fan favorite. Of course, Wong was there in episode 3 when he was involved in the parole case of Emil Blonsky. This time, however, he was the one asking for the help of Jen Walters in a case against Donny Blaze.

Donny Blaze was first introduced as an amateur magician performing on stage. He used a Sling ring to open a portal to a different dimension, as it was an audience member named Madisynn that volunteered to take part in this act. Of course, she was sent to a different dimension before she ended up in Kamar-Taj, where she met Wong. 

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Madisynn explained to Wong that she was in a different dimension where she met a talking goat that needed six drops of her blood. Of course, she was sent to Kamar-Taj, where she saw Wong watching an episode of The Sopranos before spoiling the entire thing to the Sorcerer Supreme. That was when Wong decided to file a case against Donny Blaze. And that was also when an unlikely relationship between Wong and Madisynn began. But are Wong and Madisynn together?

It is unlikely that Wong and Madisynn are together because it doesn’t seem like Wong was actually interested in her in a romantic way at all. In fact, he seemed quite annoyed with how overly enthusiastic this stereotypical party girl was as he was reluctant to summon her to court during the trial between him and Donny Blaze. And the fact that Madisynn was seemingly always drunk didn’t actually make things easier for Wong.


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Of course, it could still be possible that they actually got together, given the fact that Wong and the masters of the mystic arts are actually allowed to have personal relationships. Nevertheless, we are leaning toward the possibility that they are not a thing because it doesn’t seem like Wong actually liked having her around.

What Is The Relationship Between Wong And Madisynn?

While Wong and Madisynn most likely are not together, the thing is that the Sorcerer Supreme actually ended up warming up to her despite how annoying and overly enthusiastic and friendly she could be. This was hinted by the fact that, in the post-credit scene, they were both seen in the post-credit scene watching another episode of The Sopranos. Of course, Madisynn spoiled the entire episode to Wong again. So, what is the relationship between Wong and Madisynn?

We would like to categorize this relationship as a forced friendship between Wong and Madisynn. At first, it was clear that Wong didn’t like having her around because of how annoying she could be and probably because she always seemed drunk. This was clear when Wong reluctantly called her as a witness against Donny Blaze, as even the judge found her behavior irregular.

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Of course, as the stereotypical Los Angeles party girl, Madisynn was quick to make friends, and that was what happened when she immediately befriended Wong after ending up in Kamar-Taj. In fact, she even hugged him and called him “Wongers” when she found herself in the courtroom hearing in the case against Blaze. Nevertheless, Wong seemed like the type who was slow to warm up, as it even took a while for him to warm up to Doctor Strange, who he gave the silent treatment during the hero’s early days in Kamar-Taj.


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But while Wong may be slow to warm up, it does seem like he is now “besties” with Madisynn because of the fact that they were once again watching The Sopranos after the events of episode 4. Wong may be a grumpy middle-aged man but can still be nice and quite accepting, especially after he became the Sorcerer Supreme. That is why he was now able to befriend or, at the very least, tolerate a girl like Madisynn, who might not be the type that the stoic Wong would want to hang out with.

Regardless of what their relationship may be, it was the dynamic between Wong and Madisynn that added more humor to episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Of course, it might be possible that we will never see Madisynn again, but it was nice being able to see the series portraying a stereotypical LA party girl getting involved in something much larger than just drinking and partying all night.

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