Check Out the First Trailer for Spy Comedy ‘Argylle’ With Bryce Dallas Howard & Henry Cavill


Universal has just rolled out the much-anticipated official trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming spy comedy, ‘Argylle.’ This Apple Original project, crafted in collaboration with MARV, is set to hit global theaters next February. It’s a good four months early, but they’re generating buzz already!

Matthew Vaughn, who previously brought us edgy movies like the Kingsman series and ‘Kick-Ass,’ is the mastermind behind ‘Argylle.’ The film promises a delightful mix of sharp humor, thrilling spy sequences, and a dash of reality-altering plot twists. If you’ve watched the ‘Kingsman’ series, you know you’re in for a treat with Vaughn’s unique style.

Our central character is the world’s top spy named “Argylle.” Mind you, it’s not “argyle” as the patterned fabric. He embarks on an international mission, full of unexpected twists and turns. What adds a quirky angle to this spy narrative is Elly Conway, portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard. Elly is the introverted author behind a chain of popular espionage novels. Life takes a thrilling turn when she unexpectedly finds herself intertwined with an actual spy agency.

It’s reminiscent of ‘The Lost City,’ though there’s an amusing switch with Rockwell and a certain cat. Speaking of the cast, it’s nothing short of stellar. Apart from Bryce Dallas Howard and Henry Cavill, we’ll see iconic performances from Sam Rockwell, John Cena, Sofia Boutella, and Bryan Cranston. And if that wasn’t enough, Dua Lipa, Catherine O’Hara, Ariana DeBose, and the legendary Samuel L. Jackson will grace the screen, too.


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Here’s a tidbit for the cat lovers out there. Elly’s feline friend, Alfie, isn’t just there for the cuddles. This adorable cat might just have some secrets of his own. When Elly’s fictional tales begin to eerily match real spy operations, she’s thrust into a worldwide chase alongside Aiden, played by Sam Rockwell. But here’s the twist – Aiden’s allergic to cats!

The man behind this intriguing blend of comedy and action is none other than English director Matthew Vaughn. He’s not just known for Kingsman. Remember ‘Layer Cake’, ‘Stardust,’ and ‘X-Men: First Class’? Those were his masterpieces, too. To ensure a compelling story, the screenplay is penned by Jason Fuchs.

Get ready to book your seats for February 2nd, 2024. ‘Argylle’ will be available in theaters nationwide. But if you prefer cozying up at home, you can catch it on Apple TV+ shortly after its theatrical release. Don’t miss out!

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