‘Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest’ Season 3 Releases First Trailer Ahead of Fall 2024 Premiere!

'Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest' Season 3 Releases First Trailer Ahead of Fall 2024 Premiere!

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is not the most popular series, but this fantasy isekai harem series has a very solid fanbase and is a beloved title among many anime and manga fans. Based on an ongoing novel series by Ryo Shirakome, Arifureta has been adapted in the form of a manga, light novel, as well as an anime series, whose first season premiered back in 2019. As of the time of writing, the series consists of two seasons, 26 episodes, and 5 OVAs, but more content is to come as a third season of the popular series is set to premiere this Fall, and a first trailer for the season has officially been released.

The first season aired in 2019 and consists of a total of 13 episodes; three of the five OVAs have been released as part of the first season. The second season was delayed due to various circumstances and aired in 2022, with two OVAs being released as part of the season. In September 2022, a third season has been officially confirmed, and we are now going to reveal the first information about it.

As we have said, a third season is coming later this year, it has been confirmed in the trailer below that it is set for a Fall 2024 release date, which means that the series will air soon. Here is the trailer for you:

As you can see, the series promises to continue in the same tone, as the third season is going to continue with the plot and the new adventures of the main characters. Those who like such borderline ecchi content typical for isekai series will definitely enjoy this season as well, but Arifureta offers a lot as a standalone fantasy series as well, so fantasy fans will also be able to enjoy the new season.

As for the other information, we have a partial list of cast and crew members, which you can check out here:


  • Director: Akira Iwanaga (Season 2)
  • Series composer and scriptwriter: Shouichi Satou (returning, co-credit in Season 1)
  • Character designer and chief animation director: Chika Kojima (returning)
  • Animation production: Asread 


  • Toshinari Fukamashi as Hajime Nagumo
  • Yuki Kuwahara as Yue
  • Minami Takahashi as Shea Haulia

This list is certainly going to be updated soon, but this is what we have until that moment. We will surely receive updates on the music of the season, as well as more confirmed cast members. Until then, we also have an official synopsis of the series for you, in case you want to inform yourself about Arifureta before the third season airs:

When a classroom of students is transported to another world to act as its saviors, Hajime Nagumo finds himself the weakest link. As his friends and classmates are granted strong classes and impressive abilities due to their existing skills, he is given the weak title of Synergist. When a dungeon quest leaves him separated from his group, Hajime must discover his own talents or be left to rot in this world forever.

And this is it as of the time of writing. Be sure to keep following us, though, as we are going to bring you all the updates about the series on a regular basis.

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