Artist Reimagines Goku’s Transformation in Impressive Shadow Art Display

Artist Reimagines Goku's Transformation in Impressive Shadow Art Display

As everyone knows, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama passed away in March, and while the legendary mangaka is not with us anymore, his legacy continues to live on. The Dragon Ball Super manga is currently on a hiatus, but the DAIMA anime is set to premiere this Fall as scheduled, and the video games are still very popular and continue to expand the lore of Toriyama’s beloved franchise. Aside from the many upcoming stories from the Dragon Ball canon, in recent months, a lot of works have been produced to commemorate Toriyama’s passing and his enormous, immeasurable legacy for the world of manga and anime.

We have seen public figures pay their tributes to Toriyama, many fans have made illustrations to honor Toriyama’s legacy, and many of Toriyama’s colleagues have also paid tribute to the late mangaka. Among many of these newly created works, there is one that caught our attention, and we wanted to share it with you here.

Namely, you can find lots of interesting stuff on Twitter (now X), and we recently stumbled upon a short video by Twitter user Mundo Kame, who made a beautiful piece of shadow art to commemorate Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise. Before we continue with our text, here is the video:

As you might assume, shadow art is a very complex endeavor, and we assume that the author had to put in a lot of work to create this great piece of art. Based on how you turn the original work, you will either see a shadow image of kid Goku from the original Dragon Ball series or the current Ultra Instinct version of the character.

This is truly a masterpiece and a brilliant way to pay tribute to Toriyama’s amazing work, which is why we absolutely had to share it with you, as we think that such works are definitely worth seeing. We hope that you will enjoy the work as much as we did and that you will also share it with your friends and other Dragon Ball fans.

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