Atlanta-Based Casting Company Quits ‘Tulsa King’ Over Abuse Allegations Against Stallone

Atlanta-Based Casting Company Quits 'Tulsa King' Over Abuse Allegations Against Stallone

One of the best results of the #MeToo and woke movements is the fact that the on-set climates on many shows and movies changed. It is known that a filming set is a very special and closed-off space and that many things can happen there, most of which forever remain hidden from the public eye. People haven’t been encouraged to talk about the on-set issues, which would lead to a toxic atmosphere. But, after these important social movements, the climate has been changing and people less often tolerate toxic behavior during filming. One such story seemingly happened on the set of the Sylvester Stallone-led series Tulsa King, as the actor was accused of inappropriate behavior towards background actors.

The issue appeared when the Rose Locke Casting company announced that it was quitting the series over several allegations against Stallone and an unnamed director, who seemingly made disparaging and abusive comments against some of the background actors hired by the company.

As it has been reported, a private Facebook group for Atlanta-based actors and extras was filled with accusations against the main actor and one of the directors of the series, who seemingly used words like “ugly,” “tub of lard” and “fat guy with a cane” to describe some of the background actors. When one of the extras complained about being hurt by such comments, Stallone allegedly suggested that they bring in “pretty young girls to be around [me],” which made things even worse, as you can imagine. Of course, some of the comments were more vulgar than the ones listed here, but we do not think that they need to be repeated in full.

The casting company also issued a formal press release confirming that it would be quitting the series:

We wanted to send you an update on the happenings here in our casting world. We have chosen to part ways with Tulsa King. We will be finishing up next week and the 12th will be our last day. We send well wishes to whomever takes over the show. We thank all of you great background artists for your continued support.

The allegations started to spread on Facebook quickly, so other users joined in and confirmed that the working conditions on Tulsa King were far from ideal, with Dee Dee McDaniel Simmons of South Carolina saying the following:

Several groups are talking about what happened on the set of Tulsa King filming in Atlanta. At first I had hoped it was just a bad rumor started by 1 person who may have felt some type of way; but there have been countless people who were on set and have stated what they saw, how they were treated, etc. Sadly Sly Stallone and crew made things miserable for the background artists and many have said the set was completely unprofessional and a total mess. Although I have not personally worked with Rose Locke & CL Casting…I have great respect for them for pulling out of the project and looking out for their background artists.

Source: Facebook

As an investigation has been launched by Paramount, as per CNN’s report, the people involved with the series have officially denied all these allegations, claiming that the working conditions on the series are as they should be and that there haven’t been any such comments made by anyone working on Tulsa King.

As it seems, the future of the series is not in question at the moment, but we will be following up on the story and provide you with all the updates as they appear!

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