Attack on Titan Addresses Gabi in a New Light of Redemption

The dark epic saga of Attack on Titan is finally coming to an end to the disappointment and excitement of a major fandom. We are faced with ambiguous emotions as we don’t want the series to end, but we do want to know how it ends. The manga fans who are already familiar with the closing, are warning the anime fandom that they may not like the end. When we are at things about Attack on Titan that anime fans don’t seem to like very much, we need to address Gabi’s character.

Gabi appeared as a new character in the fourth and the last season of the series as a young soldier in training to become an Armored Titan. Gabi was obviously fed by stories of hate about the enemy waiting to destroy her and her people, which is how Gabi was driven to kill and join the war while still in training. In the latest episode, the forces of Marley are being led by Reiner, Falco’s brother, and Colt, also helping Gabi to find Falco and get back in touch with him.

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This is where we find out that Falco’s sole motivation to compete against Gabi to become an Armored Titan, is his love for Gabi. Falco expresses his love and admits to Gabi that the only reason why he is competing against her is that he wants her to live a normal life – preferably with him. Although it seems that Gabi is not comfortable with Falco’s courting, his love for her helps her realize that they are leading the war for nothing. This is where Gabi also realizes that her perception of the Eldian people from the Paradis island was indeed a misconception as she was fed with hatred ever since she was aware.

That is how Gabi’s redemption starts, which may play a major role in the events to come and as the story is unfolding to lead us to closing.  

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