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 Attack on Titan upcoming episode 78 titled Two Brothers could be one of the most memorable episodes in the series finale by far. After the latest episode that aired on Sunday, January 16th on Crunchyroll for premium users, we know that there is a major battle ahead with Eren’s Titan already exhausted from the battle with two Titans – Armored Titan and Jaw Titan. Both Titans were more than aggressive in their attack, making it difficult for Eren to handle both.

Still, we could see Eren’s Attack Titan fighting off Jaw and Armored Titans and damaging Reiner’s Titan. The next episode is said to reveal some important details as seen in the manga, featuring events from Chapter 119. There is a strong possibility that the following episode will feature some important events from Chapter 121, so the audience will finally get some answers regarding Eren and his true intentions.


Reasons Why Attack on Titan Is One of the Most Popular Anime Shows Ever

What makes the following episode really important and that could deem it the most memorable, or one of the most memorable, is the possibility of show creators animating some of the most important moments as seen in the manga. Eren Jaeger is in the center of attention, while we could witness some crucial questions being answered in Episode 78. The new episode should air on the upcoming Sunday, on January 23rd, 2o22 when we could also find out more about Levi’s faith.

The show is set to end this year, while manga fans warn the anime fandom that they might not like how things turn out in the end.  

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