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Attack on Titan is moving forward with new episodes since the premiere of the second part of the fourth and final season. Before the new episodes started airing, the fandom also had a chance to see eight OAD episodes that featured events from the first three seasons that we didn’t have the opportunity to see. Some of the OAD episodes, for example, explore some details of Levi’s life before he joined the Scouts, Mikasa, as well as Armin and Eren during their training period.

As we are waiting for the next episode to air on January 23rd on Crunchyroll – premium users can watch the new episode only an hour after it airs in Japan – the team behind the series has already revealed the titles for episode 78 and episode 79. As we mentioned previously in some of the past articles on episode 78, the following episode is titled Two Brothers, hinting that the focus will be set on Eren and Zeke. The official team behind the anime also released the title for episode 79, even though we will have to wait until the end of the month to see that episode.


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Episode 79 is titled Memories of the Future, which is the name of Chapter 121 in the manga. Episode 78, which will air a week before on January 23rd, will also feature some moments from Chapter 121, and should be adapted from chapter 119. As manga readers know, Chapter 119 reveals some important answers to questions that many fans had since they first find out about Eren’s background.

What the fandom might be asking as of this moment is whether Eren has a plan of his own or is he really following his brother’s will. The fandom is also eager to find out what happened to Levi after Hange jumped in the river with his seemingly lifeless body, and whether Zeke will have the opportunity to scream and wake the Titans he created.