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Attack on Titan is already deep into the final arc that will end the story and most probably the war between the Eldian people and the Marley. The last episode that aired on Sunday, titled Two Brothers was most certainly one of the most action-packed and dramatic episodes in this season and beyond. The final season is already at episode 19, which would make the upcoming episode 20th for the season, and 79th in general. If you thought that the episode Two Brothers was only hinting at Eren and Zeke, there was another pair of brothers that went through a dramatic twist alongside Eren and Zeke.

The next episode should show us how the events with Eren and Zeke that took place in episode 78 unveil. As the fans could see, Eren finally discovered his true intentions and admitted to Zeke that he doesn’t share his philosophy or his dream, which cost him a great deal and his freedom. The fans were also shocked to see that Gabi took a turn towards finishing her mission, which was to destroy and kill Eren Jaeger. Which she did, in a way.


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Gabi’s act was probably the most shocking moment in the episode even though the fandom was faced with a myriad of shocking moments. One of the most touching moments was perhaps Colt beginning Zeke not to scream as his brother, Falco, drank some of the fluid and will turn into a Titan. Zeke’s answer was a hint that he would also be prepared to sacrifice his own brother, Eren, to fulfill his cause, even though this was only a brief game of foreshadowing.

Attack on Titan Episode 79 Release Date and Details

The upcoming episode, 79, is titled Memories of the Future and will air on January 30th, on Crunchyroll. Premium users on Crunchyroll will be able to watch the episode an hour after it premiers in Japan. The series is getting closer to an end with each Sunday, while manga readers are warning anime fans that they might not be pleasantly surprised with how the story ends.