Attack on Titan: Eren Reveals His Intentions in Episode 78

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Attack on Titan episode 78 titled Two Brothers was an exceptional episode, packed with action, twists, drama, and answers to some important questions. One of the biggest mysteries for Attack on Titan anime fans was Eren’s motif and his true intentions. Eren’s character took so many major turns that turned out to be shocking for fans, puzzling the fandom on whether he was following Zeke’s plan or had a plan on his own.

The latest episode that aired on January 24th on Sunday, showed us how two stories of two brothers unravel – Eren’s and Zeke’s and Falco’s and Colt’s. When Colt finally found his brother and managed to reunite Gabi and Falco again, he was faced with the fact that he might lose him for good. Colt begged Zeke not to scream and wake up the Titans as Falco also drank some of the spinal fluid that will turn him into a Titan once Zeke screams.


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What Zeke says to Colt before he screams, sacrificing Falco and dozens of other people for his cause hints that he is ready to sacrifice his brother for the cause. Zeke replies to Colt’s beginning not to scream that he understands and respects his love for his brother and that he would do the same, however, he can’t sacrifice his cause for anyone, although he claims that he is sorry. In the meantime, Eren is still fighting Reiner’s Titan and escapes to get to Zeke. Gabi, driven by sadness and revenge as Falco turned into a Titan, shoots at Eren and he ends up in the blue realm where Zeke found himself after his encounter with Levi.

Zeke was able to heal his legs in the realm by applying sand on the wounds, which also might be the case with Eren. Zeke tests Eren to see if he is on his side and if Eren believes in Zeke’s cause. Eren fails the deceiving test, not even knowing he is being tested and reveals that he doesn’t agree with Zeke. This is when Zeke traps his brother in the realm and sets off with full control over the Founder’s powers.   

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