Attack On Titan Final Season Episode 78 Release Date and Details

Attack On Titan Episode 78

The Attack on Titan fandom is already in a state of shock and hype altogether since the last episode aired on January 16th, last Sunday. Episode 77 is titled Sneak Attack, and indeed, there were plenty of attacks and sneak attacks in the latest episode of one of the favorite Shonen series ever. Some fans don’t know what quite to expect from the series finale – many fans don’t have a clue – while the manga readers are relentlessly insisting that we won’t get any satisfaction from the series’ end.

We could see some prime-time action in episode 77 and as we are waiting for episode 78 to air, it is evident that the next episode should be even more entertaining when it comes to fighting scenes and all-time-favorite battle anime scenes. Eren and Reiner measured up strengths against one another as Titans, while Eren’s big brother soon joined just at the right moment to step aside and let Zeke finish what Eren had started. In the meantime, Armin is convincing the group to help Eren, convinced himself that Eren is waging war in favor of their win.


Why Did Eren Attack Marley in Attack on Titan?

As we could witness in episode 77, Zeke got hit by heavy artillery in a sneak attack, justifying the episode’s title, so his fate is uncertain at this point. When talking about uncertainty, we can’t forget how Hange jumped in the river with Levi’s seemingly lifeless body, which leaves us with many questions as to what happened to Levi and if he is still alive. If he wasn’t alive, Hange probably wouldn’t bother escaping with him, so we have our fingers crossed for one of the most favorite characters in the series.

Attack on Titan Episode 77 Release Date and Details

Episode 77 will air on January 23rd, 2022, titled Two Brothers. The title of the episode leads us to a conclusion that the next episode will focus on Eren and Zeke, as well as Jaegerists and their attempt to help the two brothers.

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