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Attack on Titan controversial series finale part two is approaching as January 9th is only a weekend away. The fandom is eagerly anticipating the second part of the season, which will be the last installment in the anime series. Manga readers have already had a chance to say goodbye to the Attack of Titan characters, considering that some didn’t get the end they think they deserved. It would be strange to see everyone agreeing on the end and whether the finale had a well-deserving crescendo.

The exact date and time when the first episode of the last part will be aired on Crunchyroll has been released to the public. Attack on Titan new episode will premiere on January 9th, 2022, 2:45 pm, Pacific Time. You can watch the new episode if you are a premium member on Crunchyroll from the following territories: North America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, South America, CIS, and the Middle East. The episode will be released worldwide at the same time in the said time zone.


Crunchyroll Releases Terrifying ‘Attack On Titan’ Trailer

The fate of the people of Paradis and the Scout Regiment will be finally determined after four years since the Regiment reached the shore. The fandom has been following up with the show since 2013, and after more than 8 years, all loose ends are about to be tied in a major crescendo. What will happen to Eren Jaeger, the Marley, and the Eldian people?

We also had a chance to watch and enjoy in 8 special episodes that featured Levi, Mikasa, Annie Leonheart, as well as Armin and Eren during their years of training. If you still haven’t had a chance to watch the special episodes, you can watch them on-demand on Crunchyroll as you are waiting for January 9th to arrive.  

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