Attack on Titan Finale: When Is Levi Ackerman’s Faith Being Revealed in Anime?

Attack on Titan Finale: When Is Levi Ackerman's Faith Being Revealed in Anime?

Levi Ackerman appeared in the first episode of the second part of season 4, which is at the same time the final season of the show. The Attack on Titan manga already ended, and manga fans already know how the story turns out in the end, warning the anime fandom that they won’t like the end. For now, one of the burning questions for anime fans who favor Levi Ackerman is whether Levi is dead or alive after he was briefly seen in the first episode of the second part of the finale.

Levi is obviously seriously injured and if he is alive – the manga fans know the answer to this question – when we will get to find out the truth. Hange Zoe, one of Levi’s closest comrades and a good friend. Escapes with Levi’s body, saying that he is dead to create a diversion and buy some time for herself to jump in the river with Levi. If Levi was indeed dead, why would Hange take his body? Hange respects Levi and cares for him as a friend, but would she risk hurting herself for a dead friend’s body – probably yes, but most probably – Levi is very much alive.

The most probable reason why Hange told the others that Levi was dead is that they wanted to kill him and make sure he is indeed dead. She couldn’t let that happen, so she escaped with his body. Levi is most certainly unconscious and is badly injured from the explosion. Still, he could be very much alive given the fact that he is one of the strongest soldiers in the Scouts. The fans would probably like to see Levi in action given his skill, but that is less likely to happen in the next episode, 79.

The next episode will most likely focus on Eren and Zeke and the royal family as the two brothers travel through time in the Paths. The fandom could finally get answers to some of the burning questions, while we might find out more about Levi with episode 80 which should air on February 6th.

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