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Attack on Titan’s latest episode, 78, titled Two Brothers was certainly one of the most dynamic by far although Attack on Titan is one of the most popular action-packed anime series out there. AoT didn’t lose on its relevancy over the course of nine years since the series premiered in 2013. What we could also see in the latest episode that aired on January 24th was Colt beginning Zeke not to scream as Falco, his brother, had drunk some of the Titan’s spinal fluid. If Zeke screams, every person that drank the fluid within the radius of Zeke will turn into a Titan.

Falco was obviously scared to death as well as Colt and Gabi as they feared losing Falco. Once they realized that Zeke was going to scream regardless of Falco’s life and faith, Gabi mounted a horse in the hope to take Falco away and outside the radius where Zeke’s scream could reach him. It was too late despite the efforts and the last thing that Falco said to Gabi before transforming was to get away from him not to get hurt. As a reminder, Falco was one of the cadets and one of the top candidates to inherit the power of the Armored Titan.


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Falco’s Titan is lanky and tall, with a distinguishable jaw and it is a form of a Pure Titan. He looks even mindless when transformed and is set to bite off the nape of Reiner’s Titan, which would transform him further into another Titan form. Falco’s transformation drives Gabi to reassert her place in the war, which is when she decides to shoot Eren in what seems to be a relapse to her revengeful state of mind.

Falco might turn into a Jaw Titan if he bites off and digests the nape off Reiner’s Titan, which would put an end to Reiner and his efforts to destroy Eren and win the war for the Marley.

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