Attack on Titan Part Two Opens the Beginning of a Great Finale

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Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 started with an opening episode on January 9th, 2022, the past Sunday, preparing the fandom for a great finale. The episode probably poses as a table for the things to come during the finale, while it reminds the audience where the first part left off. The first episode of the Attack on Titan finale has surely shown one of the bloodiest encounters between Reiner and Eren, while the fandom also had a glimpse of Levi’s mauled body right at the beginning of the final part of the series.

Levi Ackerman is certainly one of the most favorite characters in the series and also one of the best fighters that Paradis has, so it will be interesting to see how Levi will recover and if he will ever recover from serious injuries he had suffered in the last battle. While we can see at the very start, Levi is not alone as Hange is by his side, while Zeke also has company. Unlike Levi who is hurt seemingly beyond repair, Zeke looks to be ready for what is next for Marley and the Eldian people.


Attack on Titan Final Season: Season 5 Release Date

In case you haven’t watched the first episode of the final part of Attack on Titan, the episode is titled Judgement, episode 76, and is most certainly addressing some burning questions in the series while making ab stage for the series finale. You can expect to see Hange, Levi, Eren, Zeke, Reiner, and more characters as the season is unraveling. We left off Eren transforming into the Attack Titan as he prepares for the battle.

One of the biggest questions in the first episode of the series finale is whether Levi can recover from his injuries, while Hange is not even sure if he is alive as she escapes with Levi’s body before she could check his vital signs. The next episode should air on January 16th, the following Sunday.  

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