Attack on Titan Shares the Synopsis for the First Episode of Part Two Finale


Attack on Titan finale is getting closer with January 9th, 2022, scheduled as the D-day for AOT fans around the globe. Attack on Titan anime series was first aired back in 2013 with season 1, coming a long way to the first part of season 4 that was released in December 2020. The fandom is eager to see how the series will end with Eren going through some major and unexpected transformations aside from dozens of unpredictable twists throughout the first part of the series finale.

The synopsis for the first episode of part two has already been shared along with the title of the upcoming episode 76. The official Japanese Attack on Titan website had also recently shared the first details for the first episode in the second part of season 2, revealing the story plot to some extent. The episode is titled Danzai translated as Sentencing in English and will be officially aired on January 9th.


How Does Attack on Titan End? (EXPLAINED)

The script for the episode was written by Hiroshi Seko and overseen by the director, Yuichiro Hayashi. MAPPA Studios is still at the stirring wheel and under a lot of pressure for the finale to succeed and provide the fans with a proper ending for the story. Expectations are great as Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime shows ever, and also one of the biggest Shonen anime in the world.

The synopsis describes a soldier lying on the ground in the pouring rain, with another man crawling out of a stem of a mysterious Titan beside him. In the meanwhile, the Titans begin to move with Marley launching a surprise attack in Shiganshina District where it all started. The episode is also preparing a battle between the Founding Titan and the Armored Titan – the Titans will once again test their strength against one another in what appears to be an intense, action-packed episode.