Attack on Titan: What to Expect from Episode 77, Release Date and Details

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After the first episode of the Attack on Titan finale, it becomes evident that the fandom is in for an intense, bloody and violent season crescendo. The story of Marley and the Eldian people is unraveling as we are set to see many loose ends tied in the upcoming episodes that will finally put an end to one of the most popular Shonen series. The first episode reintroduced us with the part where the fandom was left off with the Marley starting a major invasion and Eren preparing for his own battle.

The last episode that aired on January 9th, which is at the same time the first episode of the second part of the finale, showed Eren in a battle against three Titans, including Jaw, Cart, and Armored Titan. If you still haven’t watched episode 76 titled Judgement, you should know that you can expect dynamic and tense battle scenes, which is one of the strong sides of the AoT series. The next episode is titled Sneak Attack and should be aired next Sunday within the regular weekly releases.


Crunchyroll Releases Terrifying ‘Attack On Titan’ Trailer

Attack on Titan Finale Episode 77 Release Date and Details

The official Twitter account of the Attack on Titan anime series has already released a preview for the next episode, which is how we know that bloodshed and violence are far from an end – the things are only starting to heat up. The next episode will air on January 16th and is titled Sneak Attack, hinting that there will be more battles to see in the pending episode.

With things already being marked by blood and battles, the fandom knows that the first episode of the second part had only scratched the surface with more conflicts to come. With so many complications and with little time to wrap the story, you can expect to see plenty of action in every following episode.

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