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Attack on Titan episode 77 titled Sneak Attack perhaps left us with more questions than answers, and also creped us out with Yelena’s passive-aggressive facial expression – or whatever that was – deeming Yelena to become the next favorite meme of the AoT fandom. Eren’s Attack Titan is at the lows of his strength after battling Reiner who had help from two more Titans. Zeke arrived to help Eren and to take over the battle, however, Zeke’s Beast Titan was hit by heavy anti-Titan artillery in a sneak attack.

The title of the next episode that should air this Sunday gives out more than a clear hint that we will be seeing more of Eren and Zeke. The fandom may also find out more about the plans of Jaegerists, and what Zeke intends to do next if he survives the hit from the last episode. What is also an option in case Zeke survived – which is likely to happen – is Zeke screaming to wake up the Titans he created to aid him in his cause. What we may not be certain yet is whether Eren intends to follow Zeke or if he has a plan of his own.


Attack On Titan Final Season Episode 78 Release Date and Details

The next episode will feature events from Chapter 119 and will also add some important moments from Chapter 121 that should be featured in episode 79 titled Memories of the Future, which is also the title of Chapter 121. What the fandom can also expect is to see the battle continuing in case Eren and Zeke are not captured. The manga fans already know how the story ends, while anime show fans are warned that they may not like the end.

The second part of the season finale that rolled out on January 9th, 2022, should have 12 episodes as listed on Funimation. Crunchyroll premium users will have the opportunity to watch the next episode only an hour after it premieres in Japan, on January 23rd, this Sunday.

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