Austin Butler to Star in Aronofsky’s Next Film ‘Caught Stealing’

Austin Butler to Star in Arronofsky's Next Film 'Caught Stealing'

Although acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky stated that he would be directing an Elon Musk biopic at A24, this is not going to be his next movie, if reports are true. Namely, recent news suggests that Aronofsky is actually working on a crime thriller based on a book by Charlie Huston. The movie’s title is probably going to be Caught Stealing and as Empire confirms, the movie will star Oscar-nominee Austin Butler in the main role of Hank Thompson.

While speaking to Deadline, Aronofsky said the following about his upcoming project:

“I am excited to be teaming up with my old friends at Sony Pictures to bring Charlie’s adrenaline-soaked roller coaster ride to life. I can’t wait to start working with Austin and my family of NYC filmmakers.”


So, what can we expect from the movie? Well, we don’t have any major information for you now, but we know that the movie is going to be about Hank Thompson, as we have said above. He is a burned-out former baseball player whose life is changed when he comes into contact with his neighbor. As he receives a cat, he also finds himself in a lot of trouble and before he knows it, he finds himself deep within the underground crime scene of New York City. Thompson, as you can imagine, doesn’t really want to be there and he needs to find a way to save his life, as well as comprehend what exactly he has gotten himself into.

The movie’s title has a double meaning, as it can refer to a criminal act, as well as a baseball move, which explains the connection between the title and the protagonist of the movie.

So far, Austin Butler is the only known name in Aronosfsky’s upcoming movie, and the young star is certainly going to be an amazing addition to the cast. After his success in Elvis, Butler has been one of the most sought-out actors in Hollywood, and we can currently watch him in Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two in a brilliant supporting role, as well as in the war drama miniseries Masters of the Air, where he played the main role.

Aronofsky, on the other hand, is a well known name in Hollywood, with the director being known for his unorthodox approach to his movies. He recently had a lot of success with The Whale, an Oscar-nominated movie that served as a revival of Brendan Fraser’s career, while his former outings include Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, and Black Swan. At one point, he was also attached to direct a Batman movie, but that project was never realized.

Sony is going to produce and release the movie, with Charlie Huston being hired as screenwriter, which means that the author will be adapting his own novel. So far, as you can imagine, the movie is in very early production stages, and we don’t have any additional information for you, but Butler and Aronofsky teaming up certainly seems like a promising duo, especially with such a thrilling and interesting premise. Of course, we are going to provide you with all the updates related to this project, and many others, so be sure to keep following us here on Fiction Horizon.

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