Awake: the first trailer for Netflix’s apocalyptic thriller!

Awake: the first trailer for Netflix's apocalyptic thriller!

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Netflix has just released the first official trailer for the apocalyptic thriller Awake. The director of the film is Mark Raso (Kodachrome, Copenhagen) who also co-wrote the screenplay with Joseph Raso, according to a story by Gregory Poirier (National Treasure: Book Of Secrets).

Global hysteria arises after a mysterious catastrophe throws all electronics out of the equation and deprives humanity of the ability to sleep. Scientists are racing against the clock to find a cure for unexplained insomnia before its fatal effects eliminate the human race. When Jill, a former soldier with a troubled past, discovers that her young daughter is a potential key to salvation, she must decide: protect her children at all costs or sacrifice everything to save the world.

Starring Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin, Annihilation), Ariana Greenblatt (Love & Monsters), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Annihilation), Barry Pepper (Trigger Point), Shamier Anderson (Stowaway), Finn Jones (Game Of Thrones) and Frances Fisher (Watchmen).

Awake arrives on Netflix on June 9th.

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