Babylon 5 Reboot Finally Announced With Original Creator!

Babylon 5 Reboot

Here are some great news for all Babylon 5 lovers, but also for sci-fi lovers all over the galaxy, Babylon 5 reboot is finally happening! And not only that, but the original creator, J. Michael Straczynski, is coming back for the reboot!

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Straczynski is writing a new Babylon 5, which should focus on John Sheridan (originally played by Bruce Boxleitner), an Earthforce officer. At a time of uneasy peace and the constant threat of war, he is assigned to Babylon 5, a space station five miles long in neutral space, serving travelers, smugglers, corporate explorers, and alien diplomats. As the last, best hope for preserving humanity, Sheridan’s arrival triggers fate beyond anything he could have imagined, as an earthly exploration company accidentally unleashes a conflict with a thriving civilization a million years in the future.

Straczynski will also serve as executive produce via his Studio JMS. Babylon 5.

Babylon 5 started as a one-off movie called Babylon 5: The Gathering (similar to the other amazing SF series, StarGate). Once the audience saw the movie, they wanted more, a lot more, and they got something really special.

Stars of the original Babylon 5 were Michael O’Hare, Claudia Christian, Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle, and Mira Furlan. It is set in the mid 23rd century, when the Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5, located in neutral territory, becomes a major focal point for political intrigue, racial tensions and various wars over five years.

It would be great news if Babylon 5 gets picked up by CW for the whole TV show, and I am still waiting on some real reboot of StarGate (not counting that horrible TV show Stargate Origins). Come on CW, make us happy, twice.